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We throw the word virus around all the time, we got a computer virus when we have online pop-ups… some of us don’t know what they really are because we have yet to experience them, but the techs at Velocity Computer Tech, the best in Kansas City computer repair take these “viruses” seriously.

A computer virus is actually a type of malware that replicates itself by insertinc copies into our computer programs, data files, or the boot sector of the hard drive. When this occurs the affected areas are said to be “infected”. These viruses often cause harmful activity on infected hosts, such as stealing hard disk space, or CPU time, they often access private information, corrupt your data, spam your contacts, log your keystrokes and even display political or humorous messages on your screen.  Not all viruses are destructive, and not all of them try to hide. The key is to be able to realize when you have been infected and seeking help before its too late.

“Service was great, virus free & absolutely no complaints” -Dale P.

Dale P. brought his computer into Velocity Computer Tech right on time. He noticed the pop-ups and hit the road. He says the techs at Velocity got rid of the existing virus and installed protection on his computer to prevent future ones. “Everything was taken care of timely and correctly, I am very satisfied”.

Dale has now joined the many satisfied and now loyal customers Velocity Computer Tech has across Kansas City that we have had a chance to speak to.

Join them, Join the movement to keep your computer, your tool, your pal, happy and healthy.

Staying virus free, your Kansas City Blog.


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