When it comes to work, now a day the most critical thing would be your email. It seems now we cannot communicate or stay on top of things without it. So what happens when you no longer have access to it? What do we do when we are basically excommunicated from the rest of the world by technology? The best computer techs in Kansas City can be found under one roof at Velocity Computer Tech, and they helped Marsha S. with her email issues when she was unable to access her account at home.

She took her computer in to get checked due to her email and the techs at Velocity scanner her computer and actually found two viruses that were keeping her computer working at a mediocre level, which messed up her email settings. Depending on your email account and what internet system you are using this can be fixed many different ways, if it is not being affected by an outside force, such as a virus.

Hotmail & Firefox

  • I disabled all the plugins in Firefox (Firefox – Add-ons – Plugins). Then restart FF.
  • Hotmail then became fully functional again.
  • I enabled each plugin one by one until I worked out which one was causing it. Restarting FF each times


  • Check your System Log to see if there are any errors relevant to the issue. The System Log can be found in your Admin Panel at Admin→Settings→System.  These logs can provide us with valuable insight into what may be happening in your mailbox.
  • Whether or not you have an authentication error in your log, changing the password in both locations is a great way to ensure that authentication issues aren’t to blame for any issues you may encounter.
  • Sometimes the sheer quantity of emails within your inbox can cause strange problems when attempting to fetch messages. If possible, log into your Google inbox and archive as many articles as possible starting with the oldest and working forward in time.
  • After archiving all messages, send a test message to the address and verify that the email has been received in the Google inbox. If the email is not received in your Desk.com account after 15 minutes, proceed to step 5.
  • Delete the mailbox in the Desk.com Admin, and then recreate it.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your email, bring your computer in to Velocity Computer Tech to get some help, and they will gladly take care of you and fix your problem.

For more information or if you have any questions contact Velocity Computer Tech at (816)875-8324.

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