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You pull your computer out of the box, and what happens? your computer won’t turn on. hmm… the disappointment. This is exactly what happened to Sam S. but he did not panic, he took his failed computer to the best computer repair in Kansas City, and his problems were solved. “Bad power supply cable”, when he told us that was what was wrong with him computer, I thought to myself wow that sounds intense! bad wires… but turns out that just translates into a bad charger. During his interview, Sam told us that he had been “so nervous, I didn’t know what was wrong” but that the Techies at Velocity Computer Tech helped him “right away in a most friendly manner”. His bad cable was replaced with a good one and he went on his merry way.

“I have already recommended them to my friends & family” -Sam S.

If you find yourself in the same situation Sam did, do not panic. Always, always check your computer by plugging it into a different charger than the one you received in the package.  This situation just showed us that sometimes its not even the computer.

If this happens, call our friends at Velocity Computer Tech at (816) 875-8324 to see what your options are before you drive anywhere.

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