When it comes to Kansas City Computer Repair, Velocity Computer Repair has got it going on! Especially when it comes to dealing with malware and viruses, this company knows exactly what to do and how to do it.  After hearing of all of the negative side effects of viruses, we decided to hunt for someone who had personally been affected by these, and we found Mark Steadman.

“It was definitely a reasonable price, I honestly don’t think he charged me enough for the amount of time he spent on my computer” -Mark Steadman

Mark has been in the Kansas City area for a bit and he was pretty bummed out when he tried reloading some security software and not being able to. he contacted velocity computer tech immediately to speak with an expert. He was told to bring his computer in, and a full scan revealed  the existence of various viruses.

The friendly staff at Velocity Computer Tech updated his security software and left it running for him.  “It was definitely a reasonable price, I honestly don’t think he charged me enough for the amount of time he spent on my computer”.  Said Mark jokingly but he was truly satisfied with the outcome of this unwanted situation.  His request was handled properly and timely by a very friendly staff and he has not had any troubles since.

In order to protect your PC, keeping it armed with anti-virus software, internet protection suites, firewalls, and anti-spyware. All of these programs are easy to run and you can get some decent ones without paying a cent. These programs, applied with a little common sense, can protect you from some of the world the internet has to offer.

AVG ANtiVirus- this program is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly anti-virus suites on the market. Its no the same level as some paid programs, and captures 97 percent of novel malware, and 99 percent of known malware.

Comodo Firewall- Keeps track of how your PC communicates with the internet and prevents bad files from coming in. It also prevents strange programs from executing, it alerts users when theres suspicious online activity and sets up exceptions so that users can game online peacefully

FileHippo.com- One of the easiest ways for you to be a victim of malware is when you’re updating your programs, FileHippo, analyses your programs, lets you know when one of them is out-of-date, then prompts you to update it.

KeePass- If you really want to keep your online information safe you should use a different password for every service. This program allows you to store different passwords, and all you need to remember is a master password to unlock them all. They are all encrypted, so your data is inaccessible to everyone but you.

Easer- Helps keep your hard drive free and uncluttered. It will terminate files with extreme prejudice, preventing them from ever resurfacing.

Stay on top of your updates and your virus scans.

For more information or if you have any questions contact Velocity Computer Tech at (816)875-8324

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