Designer Lingerie Review, Bringing back Customer’s Joie de Vivre

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Its bizarre how a simple, touch, smell, phrase or even a photo can make us feel our best, inspire us. But it is the emphasis we put on it at some point in our lives that takes us to that glorious place, its one of the wonders of being human. Kathy Donovan sells Designer Lingerie, but it is so much more to her and her customers than just a delectable piece of clothing. Its a lifestyle.

Before venturing into Fifth House Intimates Kathy went through personal changes. She wanted to find herself again, to find her Joie de Vivre. Women all around Kansas City and the country are sure glad she found what she was looking for, because now we all get a slice of that joy through all of the pieces she has available on her site. When Kathy began wearing lingerie, it was something she did just for herself. She was expanding her world without having to hide any parts of herself and lingerie became her statement. Through wearing luxury pieces that showed under tops and jackets, she began to reinvent her wardrobe and the way she saw herself. Kathy has started a movement and is empowering women through clothing… “I liked myself more for being myself, for being brave enough to feel beautiful and still contribute in powerful ways”

We had the chance to chat with one of Fifth House Intimate’s innovative customers and get the gist of how Kathy’s revolutionary idea is being received by other women.

Elizabeth Orr was inspired by Kathy’s story and the more she toyed with the idea, she realized a chord had been struck within her. “At the root of it all, it is about feeling good about yourself and loving who you are at this moment in time.” Elizabeth has struggled with finding the courage to embrace her body. She has struggled with her body image from a young age, so unlike Kathy, it was not just about putting on a piece of pretty lingerie to find confidence. “Reaching a place of acceptance of my body has been and continues to be a tough journey” Elizabeth opened up to us in a way we wouldn’t have expected. Kathy’s “movement” is not just a business, its about a mentality change, about seeing your life and yourself in a different light.

“I’ve been with my husband for almost 12 years – I didn’t think I needed that stuff anymore.  But the point is, I do need it – for me. I want to be the confident, self-assured woman that I know I can be.” -Elizabeth Orr

When Elizabeth heard Kathy talk about undergarments and lingerie in a way of giving yourself some of that confidence in something that makes you feel beautiful for yourself – not a husband, she was hooked. Like many other women, Elizabeth saw lingerie as a luxury item, something not for herself. Soon she realized that that embracing her body and femininity was something she deeply wanted and needed to do, for herself, her husband, and her young daughter. What Elizabeth likes about Fifth House the most is that its not all super sexy, daring, and crazy like what you see at Victoria’s Secret, and its not all mum us and Eileen West pajamas either, its a comfortably sexy place with everything in between.

“If you do nothing else, you should go and meet with Kathy, hear her story, and let her help you feel beautiful.” -Kathy


Elizabeth understands that fine lingerie isn’t going to solve all of her problems, and get her to that magical place of total acceptance, but it’s a step in the right direction.

For more information on Fifth House Intimates, contact Kathy at (877) FIFTH-01 or visit the website

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