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When it comes to service, North Heartland Community Church knows best. As an influential congregation in the Northland, they have reached amazing numbers, that allow them to give back to the community and influence more than just our youth. Since 1999 North Heartland Community Church has been blessed with the opportunity to do for others what God has done for them. As they have grown, so have their technology needs. Technology not only for the administrative side, but to provide for the community, and (big surprise) from time to time they require some love from the Kansas City Computer Repair industry.

We had a chance to speak to Jennifer Powers, the administrative assistant at North Heartland Community Church, who gave us the inside scoop on what goes on behind the scenes at the church. In the next two years NHCC plans to accelerate its efforts and begin changing lives in other areas. They want to reach seekers of God and help them discover the grace and truth of Jesus. Creating an experience of belonging and building a family with their members is vital to this congregation. With a vision of growth yet never reaching “mega-church” status, NHCC will expand its reach with new churches and members.


Throughout NHCC’s growth, they have trusted KC Computer Support with all of their IT needs. KC Computer Support manages/monitors their network, handles hardware/system support, and offers consulting on maintaining effective IT standards with hardware and software. Just as NHCC grows through word of mouth regarding their amazing services and ways to share the gospel, KC Computer Support was recommended to them from an outside vendor.

“KC Computer Support has gone above and beyond what we expected. They are an awesome group of people to work with” -Jennifer Powers, Administrative Assistant

With smooth flowing technology, North Heartland Community Church is expecting a smooth sailing growth process that it wants to share with KC Computer Support. With services that a provided properly and timely, NHCC had nothing but great things to say about KC Computer Support and they look forward to their future together and as individual identities.

With numerous awards and a solid reputation, KC Computer Support has been providing Computer Repair services in Kansas City and beyond for almost ten years. With the latest tech knowledge and skills without high end prices KC Computer Support is ready to help any business with all of their computer needs.

For more information on KC Computer Support, you can reach Michelle or Tom at (913) 541-0001 or visit their website www.kccomputersupport.com and to learn more regarding all of the beautiful things North Heartland Community Church is doing for our great city visit their website www.northhearland.org.

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