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Thanks to technology it has become easier than ever to keep tabs on where and what all of your friends, family and acquaintances are up to day to day and in many cases every minute.  Real time communication has never been more prevalent and available to every day consumers.  Technology has empowered us to be able to declare to the world anything and everything, so long as our privacy settings permit.  Sometimes we share our most intimate thoughts, feelings and fears.  Every tweet, post, like and “checking in”, can be tied to a location if desired.  Although the ease of access to sharing one’s information with their inner circles has become easier than ever, the ability for people to keep those not in their inner circles from knowing intimate details about them, has become more difficult than ever.  This polarization has lead to a recent increase in the value of privacy for many people.

“At some point in their lives, 16 percent of women and 5 percent of men have experienced stalking victimization”- National Center For Victims of Crime

2013ncvrw_stalking_graph2-600pxAs personal information becomes more accessible than ever on the Internet, concerns are raised about the increased dangers of identity theft.  Although the threat of identity theft is a likely reality for many people, there is another type of crime that can benefit from the accessibility of personal information on the web.  According to the National Center For Victims of Crime, “At some point in their lives, 16 percent of women and 5 percent of men have experienced stalking victimization in which they felt fearful or believed that that they or someone close to them would be harmed or killed.”  The center also reports that of women whose lifetime stalking statistics were gathered, 66% had been stocked by a person they intimately knew, like a family member or former partner, while 13% were stalked by a stranger.  Despite the difference in relation of a victim knowing a stalker or not, the stalker can utilize available information on the Internet to plan their logistical course of action against their victim.

“29 percent reported fearing the stalking would never stop”- National Center For Victims Of Crime

The similarities between how stalkers and identity thieves gather their information may be the same but the long term physical and emotional damage a stalker can inflict upon their victims is far more devastating than identity theft and can ultimately be life threatening.  The National Center For Victims of Crime has determined that “29 percent (of victims) reported fearing the stalking would never stop”.  One of the most complicated issues involving stalking has to do with the methods in which the stalker victimizes their object of obsession.  In many instances a stalker does not directly break any laws or cause any direct harm  Stalkers can do simple things, like wait outside of a person’s residence in a parked car on a public street.  A stalker could also frequent a gym or bar that their victim might enjoy going to and befriend all of their acquaintances to gain insights into private aspects of their life.  They might leave them note, roses or small gifts on the windshield of the victim’s car to show their admiration or desire for their object of affection.  In all of theses instances, unless a court sanctioned restraining order was in effect, the stalker would have violated no laws.

For many victims of stalking, the process of going from suspicion of being stalked to full blown confirmation can take months and even years to come to fruition.  Victims often question whether or not they could be over thinking things since the development towards full blown stalking can be very incremental.  In the case of a stalker being an ex partner, victims may also have emotional barriers of attachment that can potentially cloud their judgment or ability to see an individual’s singular actions as a part of a large scale habitual nature.  The fear of reprisal however, is a main deterrent for many victims.  The fear of knowing that someone may be watching their every move, makes it particularly difficult to pursue a legal course of action.  Victims also often times worry about wrongfully accusing someone who may not be stalking them.  There is a legitimate concern for many victims that they could be misinterpreting random and unconnected events to be part of a highly orchestrated stalking conspiracy.  It can become plausible to the victim that they could essentially be ruing someone’s life or shame their name over something they made up in their mind.

What would you do if you or someone you loved, suspected they were the victim of a stalker?  How would you gain enough clarity to pursue legal means to protect yourself or a loved one if deemed necessary?  For victims and potential victims of stalking in the metro area, there are options available to help you go on with your life fear free.  Licensed Kansas City private investigator Doug Pearson, has over 20 years experience investigating crimes of all types.  Doug who heads up Act Now Investigations, has handled many cases of stalking over the course of his career.  Deciding to face your fears and investigate whether or not you may be legitimately being stalked, takes an immense amount of courage.  The Kansas City private investigator has a wide ranging array of tactics and resources he uses to help sort through facts and information, to see if there is a pattern of stalking taking place.  Doug understands the delicate emotional nature of being stalked and how it can greatly impact the quality of life for a victim.  Act Now Investigations, prides itself on protecting personal information while using the utmost discretion.  Below are some of the tactics Doug can employ to help his clients gain clarity in their time of need.

  • Developing a daily timeline of the individuals habits and patterns.
  • Interviewing acquaintances and/or or conducting surveillance on friends and associates known through work, school, clubs and after hours activities.
  • Communicating with current or past employers.
  • Identifying cell phone usage and history.
  • Researching additional physical or circumstantial evidence.
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses who may have information about the individual.

If you or someone you know suspects they may be the victim of stalking, consider giving Doug Pearson of Act Now Investigations a call at (913) 469-0006 or visit his website.  www.actnowinvestigations.com  

It’s an opportunity to take a stand while gaining clarity now and surety for the future.

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