Day: November 26, 2013

il_570xN.527319090_bzukThe end of the year signals a time for friends, family, food and reflection on the year that has passed.  During the holiday season people of different faiths all celebrate in appreciation of all they have to be thankful for as well as all that they hope to be blessed with in the year to come.  Although different religions and cultures celebrate what they have to be grateful for, the origin of their history and the method for how they express their gratitude and faith can differ.  For followers of Judaism, one of the year’s most important holidays is right around the corner.  The celebration of Chanukah begins this Wednesday, November 27th and goes until December 5th.  The celebration of Chanukah has it’s origins in ancient Jerusalem and is held in remembrance of the rededication of the Holy Temple.  The holiday is often referred to as the Festival Of Lights and takes place over a period of 8 days and 8 nights. As each day passes during the holiday, a candle is lit on the traditional candelabrum known as a Menorah.

To help children celebrate one of their favorite holidays, Kansas City Craft Queen Linda Fulghum, has created some custom printed cotton bags featuring Chanukah themed graphics.  The bags are perfect for fun gifts, Dreidels and of course lots of gelt.  One of the custom printed cotton bags feature a Menorah that has a number of candles lit up depending on what day it is in the celebration.  As each day passes children can open up a new bag to see what kind of awesome gifts await inside.  Linda Fulghum has also created another custom printed cotton bag which features Dreidels and a Star Of David on the front.  The Chanukah themed bags are a great way to celebrate a rich tradition, while giving children  even more to look forward to on Chanukah.

To find out more about how you can get a Chanukah themed gift bag, give Linda a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit her website.

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