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chicoct_3.jpg.420x700_q85_upscaleKathy Donovan from Kansas City is bringing sexy back. With the grand opening of Fifth House intimates last Friday she learned how much her passion for self uncovering through fashion can touch women of all ages and break the walls that we ourselves have built through stereotypes and limitations. In her early 40s and looking as fabulous as ever Kathy went through a phase many women go through, where they begin to look at themselves in a light where the labels attached with being a woman begin to take a toll on you emotionally. It was at that moment that Kathy decided she wanted to make a change. After changing her personal outlook and seeing how content she felt with the results she couldn’t wait to share it with all other women out there. Through luxury European lingerie Kathy has seen a change in the way women view themselves, and how others see them as well. Lingerie is a word often associated with seduction, that some chose not to speak about, especially women from Kathy’s generation. Fifth House Intimates is changing the game when it comes to the relationship women have with lingerie and turning it into an accessory that has the capability of complimenting and adding value to your wardrobe through confidence and self-esteem.

“…I had my own journey into it. You know, all of a sudden you get things in your head like thats too young for me or I’m too old for that… as I went through my own process of saying thats all bunk I’m fine, I began to learn about the industry and thought about it for at least two years before venturing out into this dream” -Kathy Donovan

Fifth house’s main goal is to introduce women into the lifestyle of lingerie, and if you already indulge in these delicate articles of clothing, it is to expand your horizons and introduce you to new pieces. There is a misconception when it comes to lingerie, we think of it as just undergarments. Lingerie is actually a foundation garment, a piece to build upon. These pieces can very well be panties and bras, but can also be body suits, bustiers, and camisoles. These key pieces can add a new meaning to shopping, where you’re not just making purchases on things that other people can admire on you, but shopping for yourself to know that no matter what you’re wearing on the outside, underneath you look how you feel, fabulous.

Working with a stylist and her knowledge of the industry, Kathy wants to create a personalized relationship with each one of her customers through a program called Trousseau. Trousseau entails a quarterly shipment of fabulous pieces that suit you best according to your tastes, personality, favorite colors, and comfort level.  Through getting to know her customers Kathy wants to be able to select lingerie like wine clubs chose their wines, carefully and tailored to their tastes. With Trousseau Kathy can go to market and personally shop for a particular customer from independent lingerie designers that create unique pieces that are rare in mainstream retailers and are just as passionate as she is. She wants there to be a story behind every piece.

There are three levels available where you can chose to LIVE, LOVE or CRAVE the uniqueness of these handpicked fine pieces of luxury lingerie.

Fifth House understands that we are wives, mothers, friends, daughters, professionals, and coaches but above all women, and when we feel great we can accomplish wonders. The secret to being happy is feeling good, confident and empowered. When we feel sexy and beautiful we project our best and we can make anything look good.

With exclusive international brands and decadent designer lines, Fifth House wants to provide confidence and a sense of feminine worth that some have forgotten. With personalized collections through Trousseau and custom styling services your wardrobe with shine with luxurious essentials and fashion pieces that will make you feel amazing and beautiful.

For more information on Trousseau and all that Fifth House Intimates has to offer, you can contact Kathy at (877) FIFTH 01 or visit their website




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