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After the opening of Taste of Brazil Market in City Market, there was a buzz around the city about a place I had not yet tried. Naturally I had to have it. After that experience, I realized that Brazilians in Kansas City had been holding out on us all along. The variety this establishment has to offer, not just on their menu but in their assorted market. This new Brazilian restaurant in Kansas is authentic and breaks though what we consider a typical foreign restaurant. It is a decent sized restaurant with magnificent flavors and authentic decor. DSC_0539Taste of Brazil Market was Cristian Maciel & Marco Rabello’s dream, bringing authenticity from their homes in Sao Paulo, Brazil they have brought a little piece of tropical paradise to the midwest and are ready to expand into new branches of the food industry. Catering in Kansas City has something from all of our major ethnic foods, but has little to offer when it comes to Brazilian flavors, and Cristian & Marco are hoping to change that.

With a beautifully crafted menu, and great service, Taste of Brazil is opening the floodgates to high quality exotic flavors in an area that has lacked them until now. Besides all of the items offered on the menu, they can prepare a wide array of typical Brazilian salads, whether they be hot or cold and all types of side dishes, from rice, to beans, to potato salads. Anything your heart desires can be designed and prepared by these skilled masters of zest.

Bringing you some of the most popular Brazilian specialties and adding a twist to your favorites from home, Taste of Brazil Market can make your next home or office event unique and delectable, and for unforgettable gifts and favors the distinctive items that the Market has to offer are sure to impress and appease all those involved.

For more information on the great flavors and items Taste of Brazil Market has to offer for your next event contact Marco at (816) 527-0400 or visit their website

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