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With Thanksgiving break coming up right around the corner for most children, excitement is brewing for some much deserved time off of school.  Kids no matter how much they love school generally welcome some time off to just have fun and step away from the structured daily live they come to expect when school is in session.  For many parents who have 9-5 employment obligations, after school care can be a real issue.  Most schools get out around 3 P.M. but for many parents their work schedule dictates that they can’t pick their children up until sometime after their school officially lets out.  Some kids have the fortune of  having the option of a relative besides their parent picking them up.  For some it’s a chance to hang out with their grandma and for others it’s an opportunity to get some quality time in with an older sibling.  Not all kids have an alternative option of person other than their parent picking them up after school and taking care of them until their parent(s) are off of work.  For many parents of school children the Boys and Girls Club after school care programs provide a safe and fun environment for kids to enjoy while they bide their time after school before their parents come to pick them up.  boys-and-girls-club-logo1The Boys and Girls Clubs are located in cities all across the country and work closely with local school systems to provide before and after school care.  Kids who are fortunate enough to have a Boys and Girls Club at their school can enjoy everything from games and playground activity to crafts and help with homework.  The Springfield, Mo Boys and Girls club is currently celebrating their 75th year in operation.  Blogger Local spoke with former Boys and Girls Club team member Luke Montgomery about his experience using the State Line Bag Company as a unique solution for creating a fun and engaging craft project for the club’s kids.

“Everything was easy and straight forward, even though we had a big order.” – Luke Montgomery

We asked Luke how the Boys and Girls club found the cotton drawstring bag wholesale company and he told us they did so through a simple web search.  Luke informed us that the club was looking for a creative new way to showcase the idea that art can be done on various mediums.  They chose to work with State Line Bag Company’s cotton drawstring bags because of their simplicity and effectiveness for use in being tie dyed.  “It was an opportunity to see they can do art on things other than paper.”  The children had a blast creating their own colorful custom tie dyed cotton drawstring bags.  Luke also told us that one of the reasons he decided to chose the State Line Bag Company was because when an opportunity is available, Luke always likes to support local businesses as best he can and Springfield is a couple hours south of Kansas City where the cotton drawstring bag supplier is located.  Although Luke has moved on to new horizons, the Boys and Girls Club of Springfield is still serving the needs of the community and helping kids stay active and engaged after school.

To find out more info on pricing and availability for cotton drawstring bags, give the folks at State Line Bag Company a call at (913) 732-0682.

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