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5284e58ce4b068394a26c773We are all familiar with the art of being sexy. We all feel at our best, more like ourselves, and we even perform better when we have a little hint of sexiness within us. Truth is we all have it! I know, surprise! But when it comes to expressing it we have it all wrong. When we think of sexy we think of… you guess it, Victorias Secret. But why? Why is this the definition of sexy? We have been sold on the idea that sexy means twenty year olds in seductive designer lingerie. Intimates are an art, and lingerie does not have to be used as a tool for seduction only. Feeling empowered, and feeling decadently sexy in one’s own skin is something some women have forgotten to do because they feel they do not fit the “mold” of sexy. These women have a story, they have contributed to this world with more than just their bodies and smiles, they are raising America’s tomorrow. I’m talking about mothers, wives, professionals… the women that are vital to us, that should and will never again feel like they have nothing to do with “sexy”.

chicoct_3.jpg.420x700_q85_upscale“My generation… no one talked about stuff. When we bought lingerie is was more for seduction. What I’m trying to do, targeting older women, its not necessarily for older people, I’m trying to show them that being feminine is not weak and wearing nice things for yourself can help you feel more self-assured, like you’re a woman, not just a mother, a job or a wife, or all of these labels that sort of happen over time.” -Kathy Donovan

Kathy Donovan, a mother of two and founder of Fifth House Intimates, built an online retailer on passion not for lingerie, but for self development, for improving the way women view themselves after all of the labels society ads on to them have been received. She is targeting her contemporaries, being in her 40s she is a firm believer that women can do amazing things when they feel their best. Kathy has made Designer lingerie accessible, and we no longer have to travel to New York or Paris to be able to indulge in the best designers have to offer. Exclusive international brands from London Paris and Brazil that accentuate natural beauty and compliment the femininity in a woman are within reach and keen to assure you, you are and always will be a woman first.

Lingerie is a lifestyle, which is often confused with the art of seduction. Lingerie is a way to build confidence and self-esteem, a way to empower yourself and make you feel proud of being a woman… A way of feeling in control and proud of being a woman. This is something that comes from really paying attention to yourself, believing in your own value and worth, and believing that that sexy 20 year old is still in there and making a come back. When we want new items we feel there are such limited options to us, only the mainstream designs and prices, but that could not be further from the truth. There are many options out there, you just have to have an idea of what you want.

FIfth House Intimate’s main goal is to compliment and add value to your wardrobe by adding key pieces that improve the fit of your clothing and boost your confidence through knowing what is beneath your clothes is exquisite and uniquely female. The idea is to build your wardrobe so you feel comfortable and you are not just buying trends, to express yourself through your clothing while feeling your best, and radiating that to others.

Kathy and her friends call this already successful venture “the movement” and their hopes are that women all across the country will begin to see that feeling fabulous in their own skin as women is not only empowering but substantially life changing.

Incorporating key designer lingerie pieces into your wardrobe can go a long way, because feeling sexy & beautiful is a lifestyle, not a trend… and remember “when you enter the Fifth House you are a woman first and being a woman is believing in yes.”

For more information on Fifth House Intimates contact Kathy Donovan at (877) FIFTH 01 or visit their website www.shopfifthhouse.com and discover the endless possibilities of being a woman.

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