601547_352897361496466_1142339019_nWith each passing new day, people in our society are faced with ever increasing amounts of information to process and make decisions on.  As the pace and complexity of the world seem to be tied to an exponential curve, the weight of modern lifecan cause emotional pressure to build inside of people.  What happens to people when they don’t let out their anxieties and stresses?  If stress and anxiety aren’t released physical health problems can manifest including high blood pressure, depression, hives, rashes, irregular sleep patterns and emotional instability.  Stress and anxiety can also have a huge impact on a person’s relationships and productivity in the work place.  Some people who look to relieve the stress and anxiety of their daily lives seek relief through a prescription based pharmaceutical.  Prescription drugs are however, not for everyone.  There many people who seek to reduce their stress through more holistic means at medical spas.  Through practices like meditation, breathing, yoga and healthy living people can gain some of the positive effects of pharmaceuticals but without the risk of side effects that can effect both a person’s physical body but also their psychological nature as well.  For holistic minded people who seek a release from stress and anxiety, Natural Way Wellness Spa in Tuscon, Arizona, is the destination of choice.

“They had the best variety in selection and their reps were nice.” -Lily Gabriel

The Tuscon holistic spa features a variety of services from massages and body wraps to facial treatments and yoga classes.  The spa exclusively features products for sale and use that are all natural and organic.  Blogger Local spoke with the spa to find out a bit about how they choose to package up some of their premium products.  We spoke with Lily Gabriel who told us that Natural Way Wellness Spa was looking for a simple yet unique way to package up the spa’s purchased gift cards and products for sale.  Lily told us that she did a simple Google search for cotton muslin bags and came up with several results but ultimately chose to work with the State Line Bag Company out of Leawood, KS.  She said that she called around to several companies and that “they (SLBC) had the best variety in selection and their reps were nice”.  Lily told Blogger Local that the holistic spa uses the cotton muslin bags to package up their gift certificates and all organic products once they are purchased.  She said that they cut small window out of the front so the product inside can be seen.  They then print the product’s info or description on the bag.   Lily told us that she was especially fond of the bags’ simple fiber construction and that she felt that they went well with the holistic lifestyle the spa tries to promote.

“The bags help us push our sustainability lifestyle.” – Lily Gabriel

For more information on ordering your business cotton muslin bags, give the State Line Bag Company a call at (913) 732-0682 or visit them on the web.   www.statelinebag.com

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