As a company, what is the best way to reach your customers? There are so many channels available to business owners, yet it seems most marketing strategies are gravitating towards online advertising since its what is dominating the world right now. In an industry such as consulting, many business owners are challenged with the question of how do we grow our business. How do we reach out to communities, to gain clients, create relationship and give them insight not only into your business but theirs as well. As a Kansas City Business Consulting Company, it was a tough decision for Pat & Jodi. After much consideration they decided the quickest way to reach customers was through TV and radio, and they are now the proud hosts of The Hut on Blog Talk Radio.

“The Hut is a place where you can go to learn, explore, and share tips, tricks, and traps to run a successful business” shared Pat, when we got a chance to sit down and speak to both Jodi and himself. The main focus of The Hut is to provide you with real-world strategies and tactics that can make a difference both in the way you view your business and the bottom line.  Growing your business is probably the most important thing to you right now, and your success is what drives the members of IntelliThink. They want to provide you with the best business tips for you to apply and achieve your goals. Their goal is ultimately to make your competition irrelevant.

Since the show was first aired on October 9th they have had five very successful and insightful shows. On October the 9th they talked about a business health check product called Performance MD, designed to show you the best path to a thriving business. October 16th show covered engineering innovation, whilst the 23rd covered Leadership and its new definition. The halloween edition on the 30th showcased the reasons as to why every executive should have a mentor. Their latest show, and one of my favorites, aired on Nov 6th, and it regarded Business oomph, How to Grow Your Business Oomph. What is Business Oomph? “Business Oomph is the gusto, swagger, and the confidence that your company has the right product to meet the growing needs of a high demand market place. Its staying in front of the competition an being relevant, staying in front of the customer and outthinking where their needs are going to go next.”

The show covered the 5 oomphs to building a better larger oomph for your business:

  • Oomph1 – Become a Game Changer
  • Oomph2 – Create a Compelling Picture of the Future
  • Oomph3 – Build the Horsepower to Compete
  • Oomph4 – Create the Doppler Enabled Early Warning System
  • Oomph5 – X’s & O’s – Manage the Game Plan

So Tune in, kick off your shoes and enjoy the conversation!

IntelliThink is a stretegic consulting company, that designs and implements “game-changing” business solutions, and they are bringing you their expertise and insight into the business issues of today every wednesday at 9 a.m.

For more information regarding The Hut or IntelliThink’s products and services, you can contact Pat or Jodi at (913) 766-0303, and to tune in and listen to The Hut every wednesday here.

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