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Customer Review Of Drawstring Cotton Bags With The Gard Gallery

partyAt The Gard Gallery in Coral Springs, FL people of all ages come to share in the experience of creation and learning.  The gallery which features private lessons, exhibits and open classes for all ages of people, is teaming with creativity and sharing.  Patrons of the gallery can experience growth in their artistic technique by taking lessons from one of the Gard’s skilled instructors or they can simply come in and work during open sessions.  The open sessions format allows for people to work in a relaxed environment and they can still get the benefit of receiving criticism and insights from their peers.  The Gard Gallery is a uniquely stimulating environment that offers up various events and sessions that are geared towards families and children.  Students and community members of The Gard Gallery focus on applying paint to not just canvas but to an assortment of mediums, including pottery, picture frames and even drawstring cotton bags.  Blogger Local called owner Elizabeth Gard to found out some more info on her one of a kind business and to see why she chooses to work the State Line Bag Company.

We asked Elizabeth Gard about how she came to find the drawstring cotton bags wholesaler and she told us that she did a simple web search.  We assumed that the Gard was using the bags for packaging up their customer’s products but in actuality we learned that the bags were being used a medium to paint on for children.  Elizabeth explained that the texture of the bags is similar to a canvas and that acrylic paint works well.  She told us that recently for Halloween children decorated the bags to hold their candy treasure while out Trick or Treating.  There is also a Children’s workshop where kids make customized overnight bags.  Elizabeth told us that the kids really enjoy the opportunity to personalize their property with their own creative ideas.  The Gard Gallery not only offers a creative space for artists but also has a full shop to cater the supply need’s of its resident artists and the surrounding community.

For more information on ordering your business drawstring cotton bags, give the State Line Bag Company a call at (913) 732-0682 or visit them on the web.

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