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As humans, its only natural that we are apprehensive when it comes to the doctor. Why? Because someone will be telling us what we have been doing wrong… naturally we do not like that. Some of us get defensive, but whatever our initial reaction is, we take the advice, and put it to practice, because its the healthy and smart thing to do. We do it, because we want to be healthy, we want to live longer. So as a business owner, are you checking your business? Are you checking your business’ health? As a Kansas City Business Consulting firm, IntelliThink has had much experience across most industries and has created a product that assesses the “health” of a business through a series of interviews, day-to-day observation of business flow, and analyzing a company’s work products. This health-check provides a snapshot of the company performance while outlining strengths and weaknesses, allowing to focus attention on specific needed improvements and business opportunities.

This Business Health Check called Performance MD is a structured exam that focuses on seven critical areas within an organization:

  • Customer & Market Focus
  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Human Talent Development
  • Financial Management
  • Process Management
  • Partners & Suppliers
  • Information Management
This unique program can only be found through IntelliThink, an agency dedicated to your success, they want to implement game-changing solutions that make a positive difference on your bottom line. Performance MD provides you with a comprehensive look at where your company stands, what its weaknesses and strengths are, and your path to a stronger thriving profitable business. Through the evaluation you are given a health score, where each element is rated and scored for readiness to perform. A prioritized Roadmap is then developed which gives you a detailed plan for improvement.

Once the evaluation is completed you will be able to

  • Build on Core Strengths
  • Identify & Eliminate Stumbling Blocks
  • Minimize Threats
  • Maximize Opportunities
  • Focus Limited Resources

Some businesses like to be directed, and other prefer self-direction, IntelliThink has designed products to enable clients to make this decision and get everything they need out of both. With independent unbiased assessments, this innovative tool will benchmark your business and offer you ideas on how to make your business more profitable and efficient. IntelliThink brings seasoned experience when working with your business, they only work with individuals that possess, academic, operational, and execution experience. Their ultimate goal is to help you succeed, and they understand that in this business, you need individuals who can propose a solution that will work because “they’ve been there and done that.” Knowing exactly where you’re going and how to get there is how you succeed, sometimes we just need help finding the right tools along the way, and thats where IntelliThink comes in.

Defining, designing, and implementing “game-changing” solutions that make a difference in a businesses bottom line is what Intellithink does best, and they do it with style and a smile. Contact IntelliThink LLC today and start making life simple again.

For more information on IntelliThink’s products & services, you can reach them at (913) 766-0303 or visit their website, www.intelli-think.com

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