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As the Christmas shopping season comes near, the do lists keep getting longer and the parking spaces start disappear.  One of the absolute last items on the bottom of most lists is wrapping presents.  When wrapping presents you must make sure that the recipients don’t see you while you are doing it and you also need a space big enough to spread out 3 feet of paper for larger packages.  Setting up shop and wrapping presents can be less than jolly for some people.  For fans of the Christmas spirit, wrapping holiday gifts is an important part of showing gratitude and love.  My mom loves wrapping presents.  In our family if you can’t open your present because it’s locked up like For Knox, it is safe to assume she wrapped it.

LIndaFulghum_November2013_#10Blogger Local Kansas City has found a fun alternative to wrapping presents the old fashioned way.  We spoke with Linda Fulghum about her custom printed muslin bags and how they can be used to bypass traditional wrapping.  The Kansas City Craft Queen has been printing up customized holiday bags and bags for special occasions for years and always comes up with new designs.  Linda told us that our readers should consider working with her to create a custom designed bag which can be used for packaging gifts in.  For example you could select a design and give Linda a list of names of.  She can then print up a bag for everyone in your family that you are gifting.  Instead of having to fuss with getting wrapping paper, tape and scissors, just grab the bag put the contents in it and pull the drawstring and your done.  Linda can even create an identity tag on the bag which tells who the gift is for and from.  Kids will love the bags and they especially enjoy receiving things with their name on it.  Since Linda has bags of all sizes to choose from, most everything but a Barbie Car should be an option for packaging in the bags.

Linda’s custom printed muslin bags can also be used as a fun way to make your own spin on stockings.  The bags can easily be hung over the fire place and customized for each person.  In my family as the years have gone by and more people have gotten joined the family, the fire place has become cluttered with every different kind of stocking.  For our family it’s no big deal but for others who might like to have a cleaner more uniform aesthetic, trading in your stockings for Linda’s bags might be a unique way to clean up the clutter.  The best part about using Linda’s bags is that they can be used again and again unlike traditional wrapping paper or bags.

Give Linda a call at (816) 455-0657 to chat with her about all of the creative options that can be explored when designing your custom Christmas bags or you can head on over to her site to check out some of her creations.

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