imagesIntelliThink is one of the most recognized strategic consulting firms in the midwest, run by a pair of the most experienced and skilled minds in Kansas City. Its more than a 9 year success, it is a development tool for all of Kansas City. As one of the top 25 Kansas City business consulting companies it has been recognized across industries for their creative thinking, and ability to deliver game changing results. IntelliThink specializes in helping businesses both big and small to “Imagine the possibilities”, plan for a desired result, identify the path to achieve it and organize to deliver. With individualized plans for each customer, IntelliThink really prides itself on staying away from “cookie-cutter” standard solutions in order to maximize their customer’s profits, not theirs.

Helping design a new organization from the ground up as well as evaluate and redirect existing companies to grow more efficiently and effectively has allowed IntelliThink to improve the lives of its clients and the success of their businesses. They have won many awards due to their success rate, not only while working with other businesses, but with their business themselves. The 25 Under 25 Award is one of their most prestigious awards to this day.

IntelliThink’s innovative ways of discovering what a business needs, taking it a step further and neting it out keeps businesses coming back for more and has earned a deserved reputation. With their game-changing strategies and solutions, IntelliThink helps a company:

  • Imagine the possibilities:  Apply creative thinking to generate and test ideas to separate their clients from the competition

  • Plan for desired results: Set the direction, strategies and tactics to accomplish specific organizational and financial objectives

  • Identify how to achieve those results: Assess the situation, identify options, design the roadmap and develop the business case with decision criteria.

  • Organize and equip them to perform:  Drive and manage implementation while enabling clients to learn, lead and manage

“We want to help drive your success, we are looking to say when we bring people to your business we are bringing in seasoned experience to maximize your assets, not ours” Patrick Shore, founder & owner

As trusted advisors IntelliThink has helped businesses captain through change, complexity and opportunity, thus making our great city a more prosperous one.

Patrick Shore and Jodi Livengood are the proud owners of IntelliThink, and they bring plenty of experience and knowledge to the trade. Patrick, brings over 23 years of business solution to the table, and is widely known for his creative solutions and being a dynamic visionary. Jodi brings over 8 years of experience, and is a creative thinker with thorough knowledge in legal strategies, business analysis, knowledge management, and industry research. Together, they have driven their company to success in almost every industry, breaking barriers, and setting standards along the way. Leading a wide variety of successful information technology services and business solutions ranging from health care, government, athletics, technology, education, and entertainment, has gained them the expertise needed to achieve exceptional business results.

IntelliThink brings seasoned experience when they come to your business, and only works with individuals that possess, academic, operational, and execution experience. Their ultimate goal is to help you succeed, and they understand that in this business, you need individuals who can propose a solution that will work because “they’ve been there and done that.”

Defining, designing, and implementing “game-changing” solutions that make a difference in a businesses bottom line is what IntelliThink does best, and they do it with style and a smile.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. You need to have a plan to get where you want to go and IntelliThink can help you develop it.

For more information on IntelliThink’s products & services, you can reach them at (913) 766-0303 or visit their website,

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