Blogger Local Kansas City understands that weddings, with as much fun and love as they can have, also can be serious business.  Its only the most important day of your life next to bringing a child into the world.  There are a myriad of choices to make on everything from who the best man is going to be to deciding who has to sit next to grumpy aunt Sue.  There can be power struggles between overbearing mothers and wedding planners.  The wrong shade of eggshell, can shatter a bride on her big day.  Nikkol Christiansen’s wedding centered blog Peter Loves Jane takes the wedding process back to square one.  Her informative blog provides rich ideas and inspiration to couples who are just getting started on their planning to take the plunge.  The wedding blog features information and suggestions on photography, clothing, decorations and all things wedding.  One of the areas of interest Nikkol covers in her wedding blog is stationery.

“Their website is pretty good and I was able to compare their choices online.” – Nikkol Christiansen

An invitation is often the first step in a couple’s expression of their vision for their wedding’s aesthetic.  It is also a sentimental item that many people save as a keepsake to remember the couple’s special day.  Nikkol is actually an expert on invitations and announcement stationery products.  Besides running the wedding blog Peter Loves Jane, she also sells custom stationary products and custom stamps that can be used to herald a couple’s joyous news to their friends and family.  Blogger Local spoke with Nikkol Christiansen about why she choose to use the State Line Bag Co’s wholesale cotton bags to provide her customer’s packaging needs.  The blogger and creative print designer, told us that she initially found the wholesale cotton bags supplier through a simple web search.  When we asked Nikkol if she received samples to make her decision she said “Their website is pretty good and I was able to compare their choices online.”.

il_570xN.515923592_apixNikkol told us that she choose to go with the premium wholesale cotton bags because she felt the quality was right.  She said she particularly liked that the premium bag’s fabric was not easy to see through and that the stitching color matched the bag unlike some of the cheaper options she had explored.  Surprisingly we learned that Nikkol does not stamp any kind of logo or branding onto her packaging.  She explained that she was never into branded products but that she wanted people to be able use the bags after they served their packaging duties, without having to consider if they liked the logo or not.  We really like that idea because to us it shows character and confidence in Nikkol’s brand and product.  She isn’t worried about people forgetting her brand because she knows the quality work will be unforgettable for her customers.

To find out about obtaining samples or pricing on wholesale cotton bags, give State Line Bag Company a call at (913) 732-0682.

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