LIndaFulghum_November2013_#2With the holidays coming up soon, people all of the country are preparing to make meals and loosen belts.  The center piece for most traditional Thanksgiving feasts is of course, turkey.  There are many timeless and inventive ways to cook a delicious and juicy turkey for your friends and family.  Once you’ve made the perfect Thanksgiving turkey you have to carve it up, but how?  We contacted one of our favorite creative people to find out a unique way to carve up a tasty turkey.  Kansas City Crafting Queen Linda Fulghum, is generally known for her creative handmade designs, crafts and custom printed muslin bags, but Linda is also quite the cook.  Linda Fulguhm loves the creative opportunities cooking provides and she enjoys making something that looks as good as it tastes.

Linda hooked us up with her favorite way to carve up a Thanksgiving turkey so we thought we would pass it on to you.  For those turkeys who get a Presidential Pardon, we commend you!  Click here for her instructions.

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