The Colonel From Trieste: Kansas City Private Investigator True Story Part 3

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We continue from Part 2 of Blogger Local Kansas City‘s inside look at a case straight out the vault of Kansas City private investigator Doug Pearson.

The Act Now Investigations owner decided it was time to confront the Colonel with their investigation’s findings.  Doug called up the Colonel and laid out the plausible scenario connecting him to Kay Hoflander.  The Colonel was initially suspicious of Doug’s claims but eventually confessed to the accuracy of the investigation.  When Doug asked the Colonel if he ever was curious to know the whereabouts of his daughter he responded, “I have thought about nothing else.”.  Doug went on to help ease any reservations the Colonel might have by reassuring him that Kay only wanted to know him and wasn’t seeking any punitive damages.  The only reservation the Colonel had was about revealing the truth to his family and especially his wife.  The Colonel had worked his whole life to give service to his country and to raise a family, he was worried that the truth could ruin all that he worked so hard for.

“I have thought about nothing else.” -The Colonel


The Kansas City private investigator eventually coordinated a telephone call between Kay and the Colonel.  Kay had to call him at work to help him keep a low profile.  Kay recalled to me how she felt a sense of relief to finally speak with her biological father.  The newly connected family communicated in secret for months while they waited for the right timing and way to break the news to the Colonel’s wife and family.  After months of secret correspondence Kay wanted to meet her father in person.  Kay with the help of Doug’s parents, devised a plan to meet her father in person for the first time.  Doug’s parents and Kay made their way down to Florida under the continued guise of collecting historical information on WWII.  This provided them with perfect chance to meet the Colonel without raising any suspicions from his wife or family.  The plan worked perfectly and wasn’t out of the ordinary since the Colonel had been interviewed before for that kind of thing.  The meeting between Kay and her biological father ignited her interest to truly get to know her father.


Kay Hoflander

With some help from Doug and his mother, Kay and the Colonel devised a plan so they could meet in person again.  Doug’s mother created a story that she wanted to thank the Colonel for all his help with her historical ventures.  The Colonel would fly to Kansas City to attend a play where he could meet the gracious “historian”.  So the Colonel and his wife made the journey half way across the country and the second secret meeting was a go.  Doug told me that in photographs they bore a resemblance but that in person it was even more obvious they were related to each other.  It took time before the Colonel could work up the nerve to tell his wife that he had an affair and had fathered a daughter with another woman.  Even thought it had been 50 years before, it was still a huge emotional shock to the Colonel’s wife and later to his family.  Kay said that the Colonel’s wife essentially went through all the stages of grieving as if someone she loved had died, when it was actually reality itself that died once she learned of her longtime husband’s secret.  The Colonel’s children were also initially hesitant to believe that Kay was telling the truth and that she only wanted a relationship with the father she claimed they shared.

Over time the hostilities and skepticism died down and Kay could finally have her relationship with her father out in the open.  The reunited father and daughter went on to speak regularly every Friday for years until his death.  Kay never did tell her mother Ruth that she had reconnected with her biological father.  Her mother is still alive but isn’t who she used to be due her debilitated mental state from the effects of alzheimer’s disease.  Kay has no regrets about her decision to find about her true genealogical origins.  She is eternally grateful to Doug and his deputized mother for helping her track down her biological father and bring closure to a part of her she never thought existed.  Kay and Dough still meet up on occasion, to catch up on how each others’ lives are going.  Kay recommends that anyone in search of a lost loved one or family member, should contact Doug Pearson the licensed Kansas City private investigator.  He is resourceful, thorough, patient, discrete and has a knack for getting to the truth of the matter.

Kay Hoflander is an author currently working and living in the metro area.  She has written for a variety of publications and a has written some of her own books as well.  She is currently writing the unabridged version of her epic tale of discovery which will most likely be turned into a movie in the future.  To check in on her progress visit her site.

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