Create Custom Printed Cotton Bags For Your Second Wedding Anniversary

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LIndaFulghum_November2013_#11Recently on November 25th of this year one of the world’s longest married couples celebrated their 81st anniversary together.    John and Ann Betar are celebrating their admittance into the record books as the longest continually married couple in the United States.  The couple married in 1932 and have lived through WW2, the Moon landing and the invention of the Internet.  They have celebrated their Silver, Gold and Diamond anniversaries.  Chances are if you are reading this you probably weren’t even born before they celebrated Silver anniversay.  The tradition of anniversary presents dates back to the times of the Holy Roman Empire when husbands would crown their brides with a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary.  Today people celebrate anniversary’s with some of the traditional gifts while others may follow the modern and revised list which features more commercially available items.  Hallmark has on their website a full list of anniversary numbers and their corresponding gift for traditional and modern tastes.  Many of our readers may be familiar with the gift associated with their first anniversary, which is paper, but do know what the traditional gift of a second anniversary is?

Cotton is the simplistic and natural material used to comprise a traditional second anniversary gift.  Blogger Local Kansas City has found a unique and locally sourced solution to finding your second anniversary gift.  If you are not familiar with Linda Fulghum, she is one of Kansas City’s hardest working design and handmade crafting professionals.  Linda makes an assortment of one of a kind gifts, decorative crafts and packaging solutions.  One of her signature products are custom printed cotton bags.  Linda has the ability to work with her customers to design and manufacture almost any customizable ideas you have.  So take your second anniversary as an opportunity to get fun and creative with your gift giving idea.  Why not have Linda make a set of custom printed cotton bags for a treasure hunt?  Each bag can include a gift and or clues printed on them  to lead your partner onto the next clue on a memorable adventure.  Take some time to design a custom printed cotton bag that recreates a memory or event.  Then inside of the bag you could include memorabilia and gifts to remind your partner how special your memories with them are.  You could even create your partner their own spa bag filled with products for pampering them with.  There are so many options you can explore to utilize Linda Fulghum’s cotton bags for your second anniversary.

To find out more about how Linda can help you customize and create your own memorable second anniversary, give her a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit her website.



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