Custom Printed Cotton Bags As Wedding Favors With Linda Fulghum

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il_570xN.410952837_ozawIf there is one event most people look forward to, it’s their own wedding or at least that of a loved one.  A wedding can be one of life’s most joyous and memorable events but it can also be stressful due to the complexities some weddings involve.  Their are invitations, reservations, flowers, venues, vows and rings to consider and manage.  Don’t forget the cake!  It takes a considerable amount of coordination to plan an event, especially when some of the attendees may travel from out of state or even from out of country.  Did you remember to invite Aunt Edna?  Are you going to do that hilarious pose you saw in your friend’s Pintrest album or just keep it traditional with your wedding photographs?

One thing you should always plan for is making sure to show your guests you appreciate their presence on your special day.  A common method of doing so is to give attendants some sort of small gift or fun item they can use during the reception festivities.  Your Kansas City blog has found the perfect packaging solution for your wedding favors.  Custom printed cotton bags by creative designs pro Linda Fulghum, are a great way to create a fun and memorable way to package your wedding favors.  The custom printed bags can be designed to fit your wedding in a personalized fashion.  Get creative, add graphics and text to showcase your personal style while giving your guests something they can take with them to remember the occasion.  Since Linda Fulghum makes all of her crafts by hand in her studio, she can even make wedding favor bags reflect the date of the wedding.  The bags which can be made to order in any color, are perfect for small items like gift cards, confetti, bird seed, rose pedals, coffee or even bubbles.  Although a little bag might not seem like much in the scheme of things like a wedding, it’s a small touch that can add a simple and personal touch to your big day.

To find out more about Linda Fulghum’s handmade customizable wedding favor bags and all of her other creative designs, give her a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit her online shop today.

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