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Ever wondered where your fries originated while waiting in the drive thru lane? Where they came from? Potatoes are a staple in our lives, our food choices almost always include some form of potato, whether it be french fries or bread.  Potatoes are generally grown from seed potatoes, which are specifically grown to be disease free and provide consistent and healthy plants. To be disease free, the areas where seed potatoes are grown are selected with care. In the USA this restricts production of seed potatoes to only 15 states out of the 50 states that grow potatoes, and they are chosen due to their harsh winters, that would kill off anything if it were present.  With such selectivity you could say its a lucrative industry, making competition fierce. This makes a commercial ag loan a necessity, unless you are ready to pay for land equipment and start up costs out of pocket.

With each acre costing almost $3,000 in order to produce potatoes, depending on the size of your farm you have a pretty steep price to pay upfront. The process of getting a commercial farm loan can be intimidating, but American Ag Finance has what it takes to get you through the complicated loan process. For 35 years, American Ag Finance has provided loans to American farmers and rural communities. Our mortgage experts have unequaled insight into specific needs our customer might have and the requirements of the agricultural loan process.

They understand complex financial structures have done several ranch loans for families in various states, and offer farm loans to the agricultural community, including commercial farms and ranches.

The financing experts at American Ag Finance love what they do. They genuinely appreciate the value the agricultural industry brings to our nation and understand that farming and ranching is hard work. In times of unyielding weather and struggling economies, the challenges are even greater. Their goal is to assist their customers in any way they can when it comes to financing in order to  make the process easier for you, so you can focus on your day to day operations, and feed the world one potato at a time.

Whether you want to start your own potato farm or go out and purchase one, the right financing will go a long way, and American Ag Finance has the right tools for the potato lover in all of us.

For more information Contact Norman Peterson at (866) 446-1959 or visit their website www.americanagfinance.com

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