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When we eat an orange or have our morning juice, we read that “all florida oranges” label but never think how the process really works, well after a little research, and some help I was able to find out how it all works.  What is now called “Old Florida” was a time when all oranges were mom ‘n pop owned and they were able to fully profit from the juice production and fruit sales all throughout the country, but as the industry grew and the demand for more exclusive fruits and prices rose so did the costs and only a few growers were left in the big game. This left smaller farmers out to dry or with the option of expanding and staying with the help of an ag loan. These loans helped smaller groves to stay afloat and now they are able to be a part of this profitable industry.

When deciding what amount of a loan to apply for keep in mind what type of land you want to purchase and the type of business you want to go into. Properthy prices can range from $600 per acre for undeveloped land in California or up to $975,000 for a fully planted grove in Florida. Depending on whether you want to establish yourself as a competitor for the big corporations in the juice & fruit distribution industry or as a you pick your own fruit hometown grove.

Once all costs have been budgeted the loan application process begins. Although this process might seem intimidating and never-ending getting an ag loan is a process through which you will not have to go through alone. American Ag Finance Has been providing loans to American farmers and rural communities for over 35 years and their financial experts have unequaled insight into the specific needs and questions farmers might have regarding the requirements of the agricultural loan process and its implications. After working with several farms, ranches, vineyards, orchards and groves American Ag Finance has the knowledge and expertise any farmer needing assistance, whether it be financial or intellectual.

Whether you want to start your own grove or go out and purchase one, the right financing will go a long way, and American Ag Finance has the right tools for the orange juice drinker in all of us.

For more information Contact Norman Peterson at (866) 446-1959 or visit their website

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