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Investment farming is a most popular agricultural business operation now a days. It is purchased and operated in order to make a profit or to create a tax deduction for the owner. This type of farming has been picked up mostly by wealthy elites and hollywood artists that need an investment for their money. Although these types of investments are characterized by artists and elites, more and more “average” citizens are getting involved by coming together, obtaining a farm loan and farming to make a profit. The investors in these farms typically do not live on the farm or take part in any of the day to day operations on the grounds. Farm hands and other employees are generally hired by the investor to do the actual farming and care for the property.

This style of farming has picked up steam the past few years as family farming has been declining.  Most investment farms are commercial farming businesses, growing cash crops such as corn, wheat, cotton and soybeans. There are other types of investment farms as well, such as fish farms, livestock and hogs, and poultry. These products then are all sold at local markets, to food producers for packaging and distribution, fast food chains or restaurants all over the world. The investment owner although not having any input in the process has claims to all of the profits and has to then take care of all of the hired help.

Farming has become a super investment, specially now that the demand for agricultural production is quickly growing, driven by an all time high population growth rate that forces emerging markets to demand more food crops. Food security in other parts of the world has been shaky and the demand is to continue unsatisfied unless production is intensified or more farms are established.

Acquiring financing to get involved in this lucrative industry may seem impossible or a bit intimidating, but American Ag Finance has been serving American Farmers and those that like the idea of farming fulfill their dreams for over 35 years. Their financial experts have unparalleled insight into all specific questions or needs farmers might have regarding requirements of the farm loan process and its implications.

Farming is what built our country and what will lead the future not only nationally but globally. Food is the future and the answer to survival. Get involved today to profit tomorrow.

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