Day: October 8, 2013

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Alright, so my computer literacy is at the bare minimum, meaning its great for work, but when it comes to knowing how to uninstall programs, and create shortcuts on the thing, nada. Good thing there are computer experts in Kansas City like my dear friends at Velocity Computer Tech to help me out, otherwise I would sit and cry… seriously, its happened.

“I was blown away by the great service and the extraordinarily good people there” -Dean L.

Sometimes the whole thing is wrong, the screen, the clicker, the hardware, the software, and that is exactly what happened to Dean L. He, like many others, was afraid to go to a computer repair shop, but now is more than happy with his decision to pull over and go inside.  Everything was wrong with Dean’s laptop, and as he was driving around he saw Velocity Computer Tech, and he decided to stop by.  “I was blown away by the service, they’re so real” Dean was more than satisfied with the service he received from Velocity Computer Tech and is happy to say that “[he] will be coming to Velocity with all of his future problems or questions.”

Don’t be shy, the geeks at your local electronics shop are not the only ones that can help you out. The technicians at Velocity Tech are fantastic, friendly, and “extraordinarily good people”.

Tell them you read about them on your local Kansas City Blog.