After a long day at the office, we decided to venture outside those walls and catch up with a lovely customer from one of Kansas City’s best computer repair shops to see what she had to say after picking up her newly repaired laptop. Jana S. was not able to access her laptop at all when she brought in her computer a few days ago, and now she is happy and on her way to her family.

She “loved working with Audrey and everyone there” She was so surprised by the level of professionalism and commitment from everyone at the shop. She told us she will bring all of her computers there from now on, and will recommend it to all of her friends and family. Everything pertaining to her issue was taken care of timely and properly, keeping Jana happy and Kansas City’s technology up to date.

“I loved it there, I loved working with Audrey” -Jana S.

The level of satisfaction Jana expressed to us during our interview was as much as I have when I get my hands on a vegetarian pizza from TANGO, and trust me, its a lot. Everyone at Velocity truly wants to help you out and teach you how to work out your future problems. They want to be there not just to fix problems, but to educate Kansas City on how to use computers more efficiently.

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