Restaurant Garbage Disposals Are Expensive, Food Scrap Collectors Are The Way to Go

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Commercial-Disposal-Alternative-SliderWhen a restaurant is as committed to serving the best food at affordable prices, they do not have the luxury to repair their broken garbage disposal every time it fails. So we reached out to our friends in D.C. to get their thoughts on The Drain Strainer since great American food at affordable prices is what they do.

Chadwicks Restaurant has two locations, the original one being in George Town and the second location opened in Old Town 12 years later. After decades of dealing with broke garbage disposals Thomas Russo stumbled upon a restaurants salvation. The Drain Strainer is a cost effective garbage disposal alternative and grease trap that eliminates many of the hassles associated with floor drain clog repairs, because it prevents any food particles from actually entering the sewer system.

“We were so pleased with our experience with The Drain Strainer at our original location we had to order a second one for our other location” – Chef

With the best burger in town you can only expect them to have the best equipment out there. They have efficient service in a fun, comfortable atmosphere. Their commitment to providing friendly and efficient service really shows. Chadwicks wants to succeed front and back of house and the drain Strainer was a great choice for them. They recently purchased their second Drain Strainer and it was delivered two days ago.


“This product works beautifully, its been wonderful for us” one of the sous chefs shared, this product not only helps with restaurant garbage disposals, but is environmentally friendly by using no energy and allowing the option of the food debris to be used for compost.

For more information on The Drain Strainer visit their website

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