Commercial-Disposal-Alternative-Slider“A country without borders for peace-loving people everywhere” This is what the Gobal Country of World Peace is described. It is established in two parcels in West Virginia, and its the “Maharishi Parusha Capital of the Western World”. This is a men’s only facility located in WV is used for weekend retreats as well as residences for those who want to spend years living a simple life involving meditation. this consisted of 10 buildings with 90 male residents plus various staff residing on site. With all male residents the amount of food that goes through that place must be tremendous.

We reached out to William Crosson from the facility to ask him how his kitchen was flowing, and he shared his experience after replacing his restaurant garbage disposal with a Drain Strainer. The GCWP recently built its facility, in 2012, and they looked for the equipment that would present as little harm as possible to the environment, and a food scrap collector that required no energy or maintenance was the perfect fit.

“We bought a lot of equipment, when we built our commercial kitchen and to be honest Its working just how we wanted it to, I haven’t had to think about it since we bought it!” -William C.

The GCWP states that its mission is to support existing governments and assist them in creating problem-free administrations for their nation throughout the application of natural law.

The Drain Strainers compost option is perfect for them and its definitely something that attracts a lot of attention to it along with the fact that no soils or water sources will be contaminated due to food residues on their way to treatment plants.

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