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Top 10 Best Overland Park Chiropractors & Chiropractic Clinics

Are you suffering from a pain in the neck that just won’t seem to go away? Do you have migraines several times a week? Are you looking for a natural, yet effective way to help reduce the aches and pains you feel all over your body? If so, then chances are you need the services of a quality chiropractor in Overland Park. If you are ready to make your first appointment, but unsure which service provider to use, review the top 10 providers Overland Park chiropractic providers near you.

The Top Overland Park Chiropractors and Chiropractic Clinics

  1. F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic. Here, you can receive physical therapy and chiropractic therapy to help improve function and eliminate pain. F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic has three convenient locations throughout the Kansas City metro area to ensure you can get the care you need, in a location that is nearby. Making an appointment with the professional staff is simple, you can call or simply fill out the online form.
  2. Cleveland University Chiropractic Health Center. This center has been a leader in chiropractic care in the Kansas City metro area since 1922. If you are looking for quality and affordable services, this team delivers. Since this is a teaching location, you receive care from student interns who are closely supervised by licensed and experienced doctors.
  3. Swickard Chiropractic Clinic. This service provider has been serving patients in the Overland Park community since 1990. Many people who contact these chiropractors are seeking one goal – relief from the pain they are suffering. The office is open six days a week to ensure you can get the care you need at a time that works based on your schedule. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, you can send them an email, call the office, or even set up an initial consultation.
  4. Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture. According to Integrity Doctors, ASFCA is one of the top five chiropractic clinics in the U.S. These clinics provide an integrated approach to treating the body naturally. Each doctor is an expert in their selected field. The location is home to six doctors and features two locations in the Overland Park and Lee’s Summit areas. In addition to chiropractic care, these providers also offer acupuncture to patients.
  5. Harlan Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Dr. Chris Harlan earned his degree from Cleveland Chiropractic in 2011, as well as his Bachelors of Science and Doctorate in Chiropractic degree. In the year 2010, he studied acupuncture under Dr. Richard Yennie and received national certification from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Harlan uses a new technique on patients, which provides outstanding results, with a light, comfortable, and gentle touch. You can schedule an appointment by calling the office.
  6. Johnson & Wiggins Chiropractic. The chiropractors from Johnson and Wiggins provide several natural therapies to treat countless conditions in patients. In addition to chiropractic care, the doctors also provide acupuncture and nutrition services and advice. If you are suffering various symptoms, it is a sign that something is wrong, and the doctors encourage you to call and set up a free consultation.
  7. Overland Park Family Chiropractic. Dr. Chris is a native of the state of Kansas can knew at a young age that the health care industry was his destiny. After graduating from Wichita State University, Dr. Chris enrolled at Cleveland Chiropractic College and graduated top of his class. This location is a preferred provider for many insurance companies and offers reasonable rates for those who don’t have insurance coverage. If you are looking for a quality chiropractor in the Johnson County or Overland Park area, this office is one to consider.
  8. Body Basics Chiropractic. Originally founded by Dr. Jeff Psota who graduated in 2003 from Cleveland Chiropractic College. He was joined in his practice just a few years later by Dr. Dale Hadlock and then Dr. Rogers. This collaborative team provides patients with a health center that is focused on relieving patient’s pain while increasing the general sense of well-being.
  9. Chiropractic Group of Overland Park. This company offers nonsurgical, physical medicine and is dedicated to offering quality and affordable services to members of the community. The practice began in 2010 and the doctors have specialized training serving patients who have suffered an auto injury. They treat patients from six months to over 100 and cater to their unique needs.
  10. Finan Chiropractic. If you are looking for a natural and non-invasive approach to healthcare, then the professionals from Finan Chiropractic can help. The doctors at this office are licensed and recognized by the major governmental health care programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, and workers’ compensation plans.

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