2012-08 State Line Bag Co (12 of 245)Each Christmas season there are numerous ways you can share in the joy and festivities of the holiday spirit.  For some people it’s festive sweaters and for others it’s all about Christmas music all day, every day, leading up to Christmas.  Fans of Christmas may particularly enjoy taking tours of homes and businesses that are intricately decorated from floor to roof in lights, statues, mangers and mistletoe.  In many cities across the country you’ll find organized Christmas tours of participating homes.  Many of the tours are organized to benefit a local charity or community outreach organization.  The tours raise money by selling tickets or gathering donations.  This year patrons of the annual Round Robin Christmas Tour will be celebrating it’s 26th spreading cheer and Christmas joy.  The tour is co-organized by Annette Williams of New Hampshire, who owns and operates the one woman home decor and staging design store known as Fawn’d Memories.


“I was very happy with my experience”-Annette Williams

Blogger Local caught up with Annette Williams to learn how she incorporated simple cotton muslin bags from the State Line Bag Company, into the Round Robin Christmas Tour.  Annette told us that she found the wholesale bag provider through a basic web search.  She was looking for a simple packaging solution to create a promotional gift that she could give to participants of the Round Robin Christmas tour.  Annette was initially impressed with the speed at which her bags were shipped.  “They were promptly delivered”.  The owner of Fawn’d Memories explained how she took the cotton muslin bags and hand stamped them with unique Christmas themed imagery.   The bags were then filled with an assortment of items from the various businesses that participated in staging the tour.  Annette explained how it was a simple way to show their appreciation for people taking time out of their busy holiday schedule to share in their event.  Overall the Fawn’d Memories proprietor was, “very happy with my experience”.

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