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Frosted vinyl is a simple yet stylish way to decorate your home. Whether its glass or plexiglass, with the right design, vinyl decor looks elegant and fresh. Signs by Tomorrow does more than just what we as consumers naively believe are all of the possible prints out there. What ever you can dream, Signs by Tomorrow can do it. They distribute great Custom Signs in Kansas City and use their skill in the art of design and their state of the art equipment to create unique pieces that we would never imagine could be done by a print shop.

window_vinyl_frostedFrosted vinyl gives the effect of frosted glass through a decal instead of designing and buying and entire new piece of glass. The frosted style images are translucent yet blurry images that still transmit light. and can bring a room to life. The vinyl film is used as a sort of stencil on the glass surface. The whole purpose of a frosted window is to be able to obtain visual privacy while still letting light in. Designs on frosted vinyl look great, but if you want a bit more privacy, actually frosting the entire glass instead of applying a decal would work better.

Signs by tomorrow s the industry leader in technology and printing standards. They have made all things printing big or small available to every day consumers at a price they can afford with the same quality given to the big guys. Frosted Vinyl is just one of the many things they can do. I was amazed at how many things a printer can do.

So, after you have picked out a design you want to place either on window or a mirror, send it over to Charles at Signs by Tomorrow get your frosted decals made a take them home to install them. I won’t leave you hanging, don’t worry. No, you do not need a handy man to install these you can do it yourself. And I’m about to tell you how.

eyeguys_vinyl-01The frosted glass vinyl film should be applied during the coolest part of the day to avoid it from streaking. The window should be properly cleaned, preferably not with ammonia or vinegar as they could leave residue that could have a reaction with the film’s glue. When you purchase the film add a little extra, don’t just buy the exact measurement you need, this is necessary for any mistakes that could be made, and also give you a little wiggle room if there is any shrinkage after installing it. There are products used to “wet” the film for easier adhesion and to be able to get the air bubbles out if you happen to have any . Taking off the back film can be quite a tricky procedure, and you might need the help of someone else if your vinyl is a bit on the bigger side. Once the back film begins to come off you should spray the back of the film with the installing spray and begin applying it at the very top of where you want it to go. You should be spraying the film as you are putting it on the glass. Make sure you center it properly the first time because once the glue dries it will be impossible to get the vinyl off to readjust. If you feel the film is drying up before you are done adjusting it, just re-spray it. when you are cutting the extra film off if you left some around the edges, make sure you leave a bout an eighth of an inch to allow for a little shrinkage.

If you’re looking for a little more privacy in your home but would rather not do frosted vinyl why not personalized blinds? Signs by tomorrow prints on Fabric and they can transform your favorite photo or design into your most prized blinds.

Signs by tomorrow does more than just signs, and using a commercial printer is not just for business owners in can be a way to add some pizzaz to your home as well. For more information on frosted vinyl and the many products Signs by Tomorrow has for your office and home contact Charles at (816) 960-4546 or visit their website

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