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Are you searching for small business health insurance broker or Kansas City group health insurance agents?

It’s a phrase spoken often by members of government and financial analysts – “small business is the backbone of the economy.” The reason they probably like saying it a lot, is because it’s true. The big companies may be responsible for posting the huge sales numbers, but it’s the small businesses operating in the towns and cities across the country that help keep the local economies thriving even in the face of constant change.

Small businesses provide jobs to people in the area, and by giving local residents some money to work with, they almost always end up investing that back into the local economy.

Small businesses can also significantly boost the economy of whichever town or city they call home by virtue of them attracting tourists. After all, tourists won’t flock to the megastores in the new towns and cities they visit. Instead, they will go out of their way to see what the local businesses have to offer in order to get a real feel for the place they are in.

However, because of how large some international companies have grown, it’s become tougher for smaller businesses to keep pace. If small businesses are going to remain competitive in the modern marketplace, they will require as much help as they can get.

Small businesses can remain competitive in the job market by offering their employees good health insurance plans. The good news for them is that there are some reputable insurance agencies out there that specialize in aiding small businesses.

Listed below are 10 Kansas City small business health insurance brokers and agencies worth knowing more about.

The Top 10 Best Kansas City Small Business Health Insurance Agencies for Group Health Insurance

Benefit Brokers LLC

One of the most common challenges small business owners will face when trying to find a suitable insurance plan for their employees is identifying one that also happens to be a good value proposition. Insurance plans that fit small businesses ideally are not exactly easy to find, so securing one that can also be considered a real asset is even tougher. For small businesses in Kansas City struggling to locate that plan that will work best for them, they can turn to Benefit Brokers LLC for some badly needed assistance. The moment small businesses seek assistance from Benefit Brokers LLC, it should not take them that much longer to secure their dream plan.

Benefit Brokers LLC
10551 Barkley St Ste 510
Overland Park, KS 66212
Phone: (913) 649-0073

Employee Benefit Professionals

The term “small business” is typically used to refer to local companies that are more focused on serving the communities in their areas as opposed to pursuing national appeal. Though “small business” is a general term, it is worth noting that the companies that qualify as such may actually vary significantly from one another. Among many other things, small businesses can differ in terms of their structure and needs. What small businesses need from their insurance plans may also vary greatly and that’s why Employee Benefit Professionals aims to match up their clients with the plans that are best for them.

Employee Benefit Professionals
12900 Metcalf Ave, Suite 120
Overland Park, KS 66213
Phone: (913) 890-4712

The Morrill Insurance Group

Running a small business properly requires a lot of time and effort. It cannot be done well by someone who is not fully committed. Small business owners typically live and breathe everything about the company in their control, and that can make it incredibly difficult for them to take care of matters that are not in their areas of expertise. The Morrill Insurance Group is aware of just how overworked small business owners already are, and their representatives will help by taking care of any concerns regarding insurance. Having the insurance matter handled by experts will allow small business owners to focus more on what they do best.

The Morrill Insurance Group
8407 N Crawford Ave
Kansas City, MO 64153
Phone: (816) 891-7771

Baldwin Insurance Agency

Experience matters in the insurance game. On the surface, a plan that looks good for an individual or small business may actually not be as beneficial as it can be once the fine print is read. Having a company that knows the ins and outs of the insurance game incredibly well is such a huge advantage, and that’s something that clients of the Baldwin Insurance Agency can attest to. The Baldwin Insurance Agency has plenty of experience working with all kinds of companies, and their extensive knowledge will come in handy for their small business clients.

Baldwin Insurance Agency
200 N. Jefferson Suite A
Kearney, MO 64060
Phone: (816) 628-0092

Prime Insurance Agency

Small businesses are at their best when they are fully focused on the local clientele and giving them the best service they can possibly provide. They do this by developing a fundamental understanding of the client base they are working with and adjusting their services and product offerings to cater best to them. By that same token, an insurance agency that prioritizes local companies is one small businesses can put their trust in, and that is the case with Prime Insurance Agency.

Prime Insurance Agency
5 Victory Lane Suite 102
Liberty, MO 64068

CEK Insurance

The thing about finding the best insurance plan is that it is rarely ever done quickly. It takes time to go to an insurance provider, hear their pitch, evaluate it, and then repeat the process again for another company. Because small business owners usually have to be around their places of business a lot, they simply do not have the time to shop around for a great insurance plan. CEK Insurance is more than willing to take on this task for small business owners, and they will scour the market in search for the plan that is most compatible with their client, leaving no stone unturned in the process.

CEK Insurance
7001 N Cherry St Ste 201
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816) 453-8584

Thomas McGee Group

When businesses work with clients, they like to keep things professional. Pleasantries and contact information may be exchanged, but there’s typically nothing more than that. There’s nothing wrong with a company developing a meaningful relationship with a client though, especially when the former has the latter’s best interests in mind. That’s what the folks at Thomas McGee Group aim to accomplish with each and every one of their clients, and thus far, it’s worked out well for all parties involved.

Thomas McGee Group
120 W. 12th St., Suite 1000
Kansas City, MO 64105-1938
Phone: (816) 472-5018

Benefit Services of Kansas City

It’s always easy to tell when a particular company is well-versed in their chosen field, and such is the case with the Benefit Services of Kansas City. The company talks knowledgeably about the problems that small business owners may eventually encounter while they are out searching for the right plan for their employees. The Benefit Services of Kansas City can also help identify issues their clients may not have recognized right away. That little bit of assistance should help small business owners save a ton of money.

Benefit Services of Kansas City
9001 W 110th, Ste 230
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: (913) 341-9393

Insurance Pros Inc

Kansas City insurance expert Chris Goodwin and his team at Insurance Pros Inc understand the challenges faced by small businesses that are trying to provide health insurance to their employees. The company understands that small business owners simply do not have that much time to spend on going out and finding the right plan for themselves. Insurance Pros Inc works to simplify the process and introduces small business owners to the plans that will be to their liking. Kansas City small business owners will not only save money by working with Insurance Pros, they will get the get the ideal group health insurance plans for their companies’ goals and budget.

Insurance Pros Inc
6600 College Blvd Ste. 140
Overland Park, KS 66211
Phone: (913) 944-4465

The Robert E. Miller Group

Delegation is typically not something most small business owners are fond of. They are the ones who built their businesses from the ground up, and they are justified in believing that they know what’s best for their company. However, there are certain instances when delegation is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, letting The Robert E. Miller Group handle matters regarding insurance is a choice small business owners will not regret because the employees of that company know exactly what they are doing and have plenty of experience to draw from.

The Robert E. Miller Group
6363 College Blvd. Suite 400
Overland Park, KS 66211
Phone: (816) 333-3000

Small business owners have numerous tasks they need to take care of on a daily basis and that’s before even factoring in the unexpected issues that may pop up over the course of a regular business day. In order for small businesses to thrive, their owners need to be free to pour as much time and energy as they need into just figuring out ways to improve the products and services being provided. They cannot be slowed down by matters such as finding good insurance plans.

Small business owners in Kansas City need not worry about though, because as this article shows, there are several companies in the area that are more than capable of handling matters regarding insurance.

Thanks to the different insurance agencies working in Kansas City, small business owners can work on what they do best and remain confident that their valued employees will be taken care of.


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