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Have you ever wondered what are the top Kansas City local blogs?

Every day, hundreds of metro area people search for content from the best Kansas City bloggers.

When it comes to the term “blog” the definition is sort of blurry.

We define a blog as an online news source that is run by a single person or a small team, and that is exclusively a digital publication.

There are a ton of great bloggers in Kansas City.

We can’t list them all.

As a reader, you have your own favorites and we’d love to hear about your favorite Kansas City blog (or include your own) down in the comments section at the bottom.

Our list includes local influencers and niche authorities – websites that get a lot of:

  • traffic
  • search engine rankings
  • user engagement (ie lots of comments)
  • social media following
  • all or some combination of the above

[Some of] The Best Kansas City Blogs & Bloggers

Tony’s Kansas City

TKC is the king of independent blogs in Kansas City, and that makes Tony Botello the grand prince of all Kansas City bloggers.    As an article in The Pitch put it: “Over the past several years, Botello’s site, Tony’s Kansas City, has evolved into a surprising must-read for journalists, politicos and others in Kansas City’s small sphere of civic influence.”  T-Bot is probably the most influential blogger in Kansas City.  As a Kansas Citian, you may get your news from the KC Star or from Kansas City local TV news shows, but the truth is that TKC likely gets more tips and breaks more local news stories than any other local mainstream media source. And if you have a hot juicy local news tip, Tony’s blog may be one of the best places to submit as “all tips are off the record and confidential by default”.  Just be forewarned – it’s a PG-13 website that regularly features images of scantily clad women, and the comments section attracts some pretty hardcore trolling.  Other than that, TKC is the best place to get the scoop on what is happening right now in Kansas City.  Finally, be sure to check out TKC’s blogroll – he’s got a great RSS blogroll feed that lists of dozens of other local KC bloggers.



The Shawnee Mission Post

This is an online news blog that used to be called The Prairie Village Post and has expanded to cover all of Shawnee Mission.  TSMP is one of Kansas City’s most trafficked local news blogs, and although most of it’s content focuses on one segment of the metro area, there is often coverage on all types of news related to other KC cities and suburbs, and sometimes the entire state.  From a business perspective, The Shawnee Mission Post offers a great platform for Kansas City businesses to get exposure via sponsored posts, local ads and business directory listings.



This is the blog of local legend Gary Lezak, currently the Chief Meteorologist of KSHB-TV 41 Action News.  Weather2020 is startup tech company that provides long range weather forecasting based on the Lezak Recurring Cycle (“LRC”), a weather prediction systems that Lezak invented.  Luckily for Kansas Citians, the Weather2020 blog is a place where you can find and discuss current information on Kansas City weather:


Arrowhead Pride

This is a local football blog that provides Kansas City Chiefs news, opinion and analysis.  In the words of the Arrowhead Pride blog “All Kansas City Chiefs. All the time. Delivering the most comprehensive view of the Kansas City Chiefs anywhere.”  Joel & Chris Thorman do a great job on this site, and one of the coolest things about this sports blog is that they allow “FanPosts” which are essentially user-submitted guest posts.  This is a great blog that gets a ton of user engagement via blog comments as well as on its Facebook community.   If you are into the Chiefs (and you know you are!) you have to check out Arrowhead Pride.



Royals Review

This Kansas City sports blog is very similar to (and appears to be run on the same platform as) Arrowhead Nation.  One of the great things about this blog – and any local blog really – is the community that evolves around it and the level of engagement it receives.  The Royals Review blog typically gets dozens of comments on each post and often times hundreds of comments.  Max Rieper and the team at Royals Review make this Kansas City’s go-to pro baseball bog.   Yep, they allow FanPosts too:



Kansas City Moms Blog

KC Moms Blogs describes the site as “a collaborative online resource written by KC moms, for KC moms and striving to bring online mothers together offline in meaningful and lasting community.”  This blog is run by two – you guessed it, moms – Tonya Blythe and Sarah Sarah McGinnity and they do a fantastic job on this site. Kansas City Moms Blog features local content, including events and contests, and the site is backed by a large and active social media following on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.  Visit:


Out To Eat

This website by Shanley Cox has emerged as KC’s top independent food blog.  Most of the content on Out To Eat covers food and restaurants in and around Kansas City, but you can also find great posts related to other US cities.   It’s pretty clear that Shanley is an authority in this niche and luckily she provides ancillary services to local businesses by way of sponsored posts, food writing, social media, and more.  Visit:


KC Source Link

KC Source Link has a ton of great content that helps local Kansas City business owners, including events and courses.  The site also includes a great business blog with educational content, including guest posts by local small business experts. Jenny Miller and her team have done a great job on the KC Source Link website and this is a phenomenal resource for local entrepreneurs.



Startland News

This is a niche local news blog that covers Kansas City startup businesses.  As stated on the site, they: “…aim to be a resource and advocate for innovators and early-stage businesses, but also serve as storytellers for the larger network of stakeholders in the entrepreneurial community.” Bobby Burch is the editor-in-chief of Startland News and he leads a talented staff that drives its success.  The metro area has a fast growing and vibrant startup community, and Startland News tracks the pulse of it.



Finding Kansas City

This is a great blog that gives exposure to local area small businesses.  Finding Kansas City covers all types of local retail businesses including restaurants, retail shopping and local business-to-business services.



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