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Top Kansas City Social Media Companies

Searching for the best social media services in Kansas City?  We know that as a business owner it can be tough to identify who the top players are in terms of Kansas City social media marketing consulting.  We’ve spent some time to research online (on both Google and the major social media networks) to find the very best Kansas City social media marketing consultants, companies and experts in the metro area.  We’ve take many factors into consideration such as organic visibility, track record, authority and online presence of the owner(s), online reviews, focus areas and caliber of clientele.


MoxieDot Kelsey Jones
1. MoxieDot
( Kelsey Jones, the talent behind MoxieDot, is a writer and search/social media marketing consultant. Most notably, she was the editor of Search Engine Journal which one of the top search engine marketing industry websites on the planet. Kelsey has worked with brands like Yelp, Gazelle, HeyWire, Under Armour and Mizuno. In terms of social media marketing services, MoxieDot offers social media strategy campaigns, maintenance, analytics, reporting and content. We are lucky to have agency of this quality and an industry leader of Kelsey’s caliber right here in our backyard.

v3-integrated-marketing2. V3 Integrated Marketing ( V3 (which stands for Vision, Voice and Value) is not only a top Kansas City social media marketing company, it’s also a full service integrated marketing agency. As described on the V3 website, that includes all things related to traditional marketing, advertising, online presence (websites, blogs) design (logos, collateral materials, traditional ad campaigns) and all forms of social media community building and marketing. V3 is led by Shelly Kramer. Shelly, like Kelsey Jones above, is a national thought leader in social media. Shelly has been named numerous times by the likes of Forbes, American Express and similar sources as a top voice in social media.

think viral kansas city3. ThinkViral ( ThinkViral is a full service Social Media Sales & Marketing company based right here in Kansas City. To paraphrase the company’s own words, they help setup your website as an inbound marketing hub and they “help you set up a framework to consistently bring in new business”. The company is owned and operated by Anne Cull, a recognized Kansas City LinkedIn marketing expert. Some of the services listed on the Think Viral website include: sales training and social media marketing with an emphasis on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and their stated areas of industry expertise include Manufacturing, Engineering and Tech Sales.

jennings social media marketing4. Jennings Social Media Marketing ( As described on their company’ website, JSMM was founded in June 2003 and is a full service agency “that combines the art of online storytelling with the science of measuring quantifiable results”. The company provides social media, public relations and content marketing for publicly traded companies to start ups. JSMM is led by Valerie Jennings, an award-winning print journalist, published author, news anchor and TV producer.

emfluence5. emFluence ( emfluence is a full service interactive marketing agency based in Kansas City. emfluence’s roots run back as far as 1999 when it was a fast growing division of an advertising agency. In 2003, emfluence spun off from CHRW. Since that time, emfluence has provided interactive marketing services for numerous agencies and direct clients across almost every industry segment.  This firm is very active in the Kansas City social media communities and are active supporters of the Kansas City Social Media Club Of KC.

inboun6. Inboun ( Inboun describes itself as a highly focused team of content and social media strategists, writers and community builders. That sounds like all the ingredients a top Kansas City social media marketing firm would need to succeed, doesn’t it? Inboun helps clients with the initial strategy, including developing an effective social media strategy, and then helping businesses set up their social media accounts, monitoring those accounts and analyzing the social media analytics across all social platforms. Inboun also provides content development in the form of website copy, blog posts, eBooks, articles, press releases, videos, podcasts and more.

k2media kansas city

7. K2Media ( specializes in helping small- to medium-sized businesses create and execute a solid, customized social media strategy. In their words, they strongly believe that social media is only a part of the larger picture and must be integrated into a comprehensive marketing plan. As per their website offerings, K2Media provides one-on-one workshops, online social marketing strategy, consultant “embedding” in a company’s in-house team, total social media community management, email marketing campaigns and blog and content marketing strategy. It should also be noted that founder Kiran Ross has a regular column called Social Media Matters at the Kansas City Business Journal.

8. Cannon Social Media Solutions  (  Cannon Social Media Solutions provides social media marketing training and solutions for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in Kansas City  looking to strengthen their brand, reputation, and relationships with clients and prospects. From basic how-to sessions to overall social Cannon Social Mediamedia and conventional marketing planning and strategy building, Cannon Social Media Solutions provides a full range of social media coverage including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and blogging.   Vicki S. Cannon, founder and president of Cannon Social Media Solutions, has over 25 years of experience in marketing and national account marketing and sales.

BlueGurus9. BlueGurus ( Blue Gurus provides social media services in Kansas City including content marketing and LinkedIn training. As described by founder Jason Terry, the company was founded with the mission of helping businesses grow by using social media effectively. Other specialty areas related to social media include Facebook and twitter as well as business coaching services, process improvement and culture change.

will-gladhardt-consulting10. Will Gladhart Consulting ( Will Gladhart Consulting works with businesses that are looking to maximize their marketing dollars and take advantage of the online services that are available today. Most of their clients are small to medium-sized businesses that are already established in the marketplace and ready to take the jump into Social Media and Digital Marketing. Will Gladhart Consulting’s services include: Social Media & Online Marketing, Contract Marketing Services, Constant Contact Business Solutions, VIP Business Kick Start Day and Speaking Engagements.

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