Most people in the commercial kitchen business are concerned with fixing problems once they present themselves & praying there are no problems, but a young man with overflowing entrepreneurial creativity found himself preventing.  As a restaurant owner for 15 years in Columbia, MO, Brian Ash knows what not being prepared costs. He left Bambino’s Italian Cafe to start his home-based online business, The Drain Strainer LLC.

The Drain Strainer is a system that catches all food that can either be thrown away or saved for compost. Brian was originally inspired when he realized food waste routinely washed down the pipes and caused clogs with side effects like leaking sinks and backed up dishwashers.

He tried using the in-sink mesh strainer method, which solved the problem of clogged pipes, but presented a frustrating problems for employees when the sink would no longer drain. In order to avoid employee frustration he had a prototype made by his handyman of a system he believed would be the most efficient, and The Drain Strainer was born.

Resized-The-Drain-Strainer-Product-Photo“This drain catches such a high percentage of food debris, I want one in every drain on our properties” said Morgan Wentworth from The Phoenix Casino. This is an efficient and cost effective system that works as an alternative to commercial garbage disposals.  This system prevents food debris from ever entering the sewer system, making it the perfect solution to work related headaches, your wallet and the environment.

Commercial garbage disposals are costly and have even been outlawed in several municipalities, many of them in California due to ground food jamming up the sewage systems. The Drain Strainer not only solves your momentary problems, but is a long-term investment as additional restriction and regulations might become the norm and commercial solid separators will become industry standard as they have in California.

“Our drain system catches all that food, which can either be thrown away or saved for composting,”      -Brian Ash, Founder & President

The Drain Strainer’s product line has stayed simple throughout the years, so they can stay experts on their products.  There are three strainers available, The Original Drain Strainer, The Drain Strainer XL and the Mini Drain Strainer. These products range from $500 – $700.

Ash created and founded The Drain Strainer to solve his own drainage problems and believed strongly enough in the results that he wants to share this concept with all commercial kitchens.

With a home-based business, Ash is always looking for new ways to market his product, and has relied heavily on search engine optimization.  Everything is searched on Google now-a-days anyway and he understands that. “It isn’t that difficult and doesn’t have to be that expensive. You just need someone who knows what they’re doing to help lead the way.”

Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Cafeterias, and Restaurants have been Ash’s main targets and he has received unbelievable results and feedback. Alec Sabina from Hot Suppa! in Portland, switched to The Drain Strainer due to the particular situation of his dishwashers being located beneath his water lines. This technicality does not allow him to be able to afford a clogged pipe, or he would be out of business in an instant. “If Brian hadn’t invented it I probably would have invented it myself.” There is no doubt this is an incredibly cost effective way to do business.

If you want to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly, then you need The Drain Strainer.

As part of an effort to keep pipes unclogged, several city’s sewer stewards are urging people to compost or recycle food scraps instead,  as a business owner staying ahead of the curve is always admirable and cost efficient making The Drain Strainer the future of kitchen equipment.

For more information on The Drain Strainer and how to order one visit their website

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