All Around Construction & Remodeling is a Kansas City, Kansas is a company that specializes in remodeling, interior and exterior house painting, siding, decks, patios, fences, room additions, carpet, tile, floors, bathrooms and kitchens.

They are committed to making a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaint, they pride themselves in the quality of their work, honesty, and professionalism. They offer free estimates and no job is too small for them.  There is not much that they are not able to do, but when it comes to drain cleaning and roofing they can refer you to the best in town for the job.

This Kansas City concrete repair company offers the best results, they also tear out and replace installations. The concrete repair, asphalt sealing and striping are the main reason why customers recommend them time and time again. Because they offer honest, quality, and custom work that gets done right the first time.


There are many factors that lead to premature asphalt/pavement deterioration.  Some of the most significant contributors to pavement deterioration are original to the construction quality, we just don’t notice them. They also occur due to heavy loads being placed on the pavement… Did you know a fully loaded garbage truck alone can have as much deteriorating force on a lot as 10,000 cars?

Asphalt is an oil based material, this is new to me, therefore any oil based product that is spilled upon it will dissolve cement that bonds the asphalt together and cause premature breakage, so petroleum spills are a definite cause for these problems. Asphalt, is also a flexible pavement, and cracks are a natural part of the aging process of this material, petroleum or other oil based spills just speed up the process.  If these cracks go untreated they allow water to filter through and penetrate the sub-base which will prematurely cause pot holes and other extensive damage to your parking lot.

All Around Construction & Remodeling, LLC, is skilled and experienced in all remodeling and concrete needs! Whether residential or commercial they take great pride in their quality of work and excellent customer service!

Call them today at (913) 999-8506 & ask for Joe Vanbibber with the confidence that you are getting the best in town!

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