iPhone Screen Replacement Is Mission Possible At Mission Repair

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missionRepair_#1The life of a smart phone or tablet can be a gauntlet.  Everyday they risk certain death from falls, spills, bumps, bashes and occasionally teething babies.  Modern electronic devices are a facet of our lives and we depend on them like air.

From now on when they break, don’t hold your breathe just take it into the crew at the Olathe Mission Repair.   The pros at Mission Repair specialize in a variety of electronic repair and replacement services but their most popular service is repairing mobile device and tablet screens.  Screen cracking and shattering is one of the most common afflictions modern electronic devices succumb to.  For most people when their tablet or mobile device’s screen is compromised the integrity of the rest of the device is still in tact.  Instead of buying a completely new device many people across Kansas City are taking their damaged electronics to Mission Repair.  For the last 6 years the word has been spreading around the metro area about the company’s screen replacement services and now they are the number provider of screen replacements in KC.

When I spoke with Mission Repair they told me that currently the highest volume of mobile devices and tablets they work on broken screens for are different variations of the iPhone and iPad.  Although the Apple products make up a healthy amount of their repairs, they will work on almost any major manufacturer’s device with a screen. One thing that sets the electronic repair shop apart from it’s competition is that they not only have quality technicians using quality parts but they do most repairs within the same day. (24hrs in most cases)  All repairs are done in house, so the process of getting customers plugged back into their device is quick.  For students or people that rely on their computer for their job, getting their baby back with such a short turnaround is a must.  Getting back to work is important for many but not having to migrate data, apps and software is essential for others.


missionRepair_#2The Kansas City electronic repair shop also works with businesses and schools that have large volumes or fleets of electronic devices.  With many schools now issuing students laptops or tablets, the need for large volume repair has increased at Mission Repair.  The shop will pick up and drop off to schools and businesses that choose to do large volume business with the store.  They also offer financial incentives available to schools that setup a business account with Mission Repair.

Mission Repair is currently accepting new clients for their business class repair services.  For a list of services and products that Mission Repair features, visit their site at www.missionrepair.com.  For more information on repair of Apple mobile device repair, visit iPhone repair Kansas City or Kansas city iPad repair.


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