Kansas City’s Premier cotton bag supplier, State Line Bag Bag Co. is liquidating its cotton draw-string backpacks for $.49 each!! Therefore there are no excuses to go back-to-school or give your bridesmaids or kids plastic & metal, give them comfort, softness, & personalization.

Organic cotton draw-string backpacks come in three different styles; destination, designer and plain.  These are the most Versatile bags that you will ever buy! They are great for school, the beach, as toy bags, halloween trick-or-treat bags, corporate gifts, and even as weddings and shower favors.

If you have your own sense of style, these bags are perfect, you can decorate them to your liking. Tie-Dye them, Bedazzle them, stamp them up, and even let the little ones in your life take crayons to them… your possibilities are endless.

For more information on how to purchase in bulk or to get a few for your son’s soccer team contact State Line Bag Co. at (877) 377-8071 or online.

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