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When it comes to lawn care it can be very difficult to know where to turn. Believe me, I know we would rather be watching the KC Chiefs play on TV this time of year not thinking about the spring time yard work… that is why I started Overland Park Lawn Care, so everyone can enjoy other things in life besides yard chores.

Who am I?

As a native to Kansas City I remember fond feelings of going out and playing in fresh cut grass. My father was very much big into having the most beautiful lawn on the block and very much took pride in it. I guess it just rubbed off on me and our lawn was always a source of pride for our family. I also used to spend many Saturday days working outside in the yard helping to de-thatch the lawn or learning how to grow tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes and the feel of the summer air while playing in a freshly cut yard will always be one of my favorite memories.

My Favorite Part of Kansas City?

I am a proud Kansas City BBQ lover. Any time a friend comes in town or they are taken on a Kansas City BBQ tour, some of my favorites are Q39 & Arthur Bryants. Otherwise, I love Nelson Atkins Art Museum on a summer day with their expansive lawn and the shuttlecock sculptures. Such a serene place.

Why Did I Build a Website?

After doing my own research and looking at so many places it was difficult to wade through the wave of information. I wanted to go ahead and become a local hub for professional lawn care services and advice. So I started the site in October 2018 to help connect those looking for services to an already vetted and highly rated businesses.

My Favorite Lawn Care Myth?

My favorite thing is that people will spray the yard with beer. I even saw mt father do it, granted I was only a kid but I knew that this was not usually something I saw being handled with beer. Now his lawn always looked stunning but I am not so sure how much it had to do with the beer. It is true that beer does have nutrients that the grass can use…but perhaps beer is better left as a delicious drink to be had with friends.

Services Offered

There is a wide range of services that are offered through OPLC such as lawn mowing services, mulching, aerating and pest control services for both residential & commercial properties. Especially last month, we have been seeing an increase in calls about tree trimming with the recent weather. Now there is nothing better than a white Christmas but not when it comes crashing through your roof with the neighbors branches. Since we have been seeing this trend, we have been trying to promote tree trimming services before the winter weather kicks in again. Preparation is the key!

Bonus Lawn Tip

Be sure to aerate in the fall in order to allow fertilizer to go directly to the root. The grass will then store these nutrients in the root over the winter and use them in the early spring. This should be done a month before the first frost. You will see a true difference with this lawn treatment if the grass is looking lackluster.

We look forward to become an authority in the local area. Be sure to call us at 913-795-7625 when you need a helping hand.

Proud Lawn Fanatic,


Owner, Overland Park Lawn Care Services

Phone: (913) 795-7625


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