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Are you searching for lawn care service in Kansas City or KC lawn mowing company reviews?

Every week, hundreds of Kansas City homeowners search for “lawn care companies near me”.

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The good news for the residents of Kansas City is that there are several awesome companies that provide the best lawn care Kansas City has to offer,  including lawn mowing, fertilization services, landscape mulching and more. These companies will even be able to render their work during the winter to help homeowners get rid of all that troublesome snow.

Lawn Care Services

Aside from lawn mowing, pruning and trimming, what do full-service Kansas City lawn care services typically include?

Here is what the best lawn care services in Kansas City can help you with:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn fertilization services
  • Weed control
  • Crabgrass control
  • Grub Control
  • Mosquito control
  • Lawn fungus control
  • Lawn aeration
  • Leaf pickup & removal
  • Irrigation maintenance

If you are searching for “lawn care near me” in the metro area, listed below are 10 lawn mowing service companies in Kansas City that are just waiting for the chance to show off what they can do.


Top 10 Best Kansas City Lawn Care Service & Lawn Mowing Companies


Pro Turf Lawn & Tree Service

Pro Turf Lawn & Tree Service employs a very specific approach to maintaining the yards of their clients. They provide a detailed breakdown of the work they intend to provide over the course of a full year in order to make sure that a client’s yard remains in prime condition regardless of whether it’s scorching hot outside or if snowflakes have already started to fall.

Lawn mowing is not really what they specialize in at Pro Turf Lawn & Tree Service. Instead, their focus is on treating their clients’ yards year-round with different applications designed to keep them healthy no matter what.

Pro Turf Lawn & Tree Service
710 N Scott Ave
Belton, MO 64012
Phone: (816) 318-1090


SK Lawn Care

The lawn is a part of the home typically seen by guests even before they enter the front door. That is why many homeowners want their lawns to look as good as they possibly can. SK Lawn Care works to improve the appearance of their client’s lawn and they do so via striping.

The folks at SK Lawn Care are trained to create that eye-catching striped look on any lawn. Beyond that, they also know how to work well with the cool season types of grass known to grow in Kansas City.

SK Lawn Care
520 W 103rd St, Ste 170
Kansas City, MO 64114
Phone: (913) 940-6795


Mike’s Lawn and Landscaping

Mike’s Lawn and Landscaping has been in the business of improving people’s yards since the mid 90s. Staying in one specific field for more than two decades is no small feat, and it’s a pretty good indicator of the kind of work clients can expect from this company.

Along with promising clients that they will finally be free from the burdens of yard work, and will be allowed to enjoy the simple pleasures of being with family and friends, Mike’s Lawn and Landscaping also states that their employees are trained to properly assess the yard’s need and then provide the type of work they deem is needed.

Mike’s Lawn and Landscaping
515 S Ditzler Ave
Independence, MO 64053
Phone: (816) 385-5116


Beautiful Outdoors Lawn & Landscape

The first Kansas City company to be discussed is Beautiful Outdoors Lawn & Landscape. The company offers a variety of services to their customers, and their employees can drop by on a weekly basis if that’s what a homeowner prefers.

Beyond the basic services offered for lawns, Beautiful Outdoors also specializes in lawn fertilization. Homeowners who have had plenty of trouble trying to get their lawn to the condition they prefer can benefit immensely from this particular service. Seasonal services are also being offered by the company for those homeowners who are only interested in bringing in some assistance for the big clean-up jobs.

Beautiful Outdoors Lawn & Landscape
1005 S 12th St
Kansas City, KS 66105
Phone: (913) 406-8557


Benjamin Lawn & Landscape

The folks at Benjamin Lawn & Landscape boast about bringing knowledge and a thorough approach to lawn mowing. According to the company, the “buzz cut” that homeowners typically give their lawns is not actually what they should be trying to achieve. The company notes that cutting the grass that close may even lead to weeds becoming more abundant.

Benjamin Lawn & Landscape employs their own approach to taking care of their clients’ lawns, and that involves leaving no corner of the yard uncared for.

Benjamin Lawn & Landscape
P.O. Box 8063
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Phone: (913) 788-6089


Heartland Turf & Landscape

A detail-oriented approach, that is what the folks at Heartland Turf & Landscape will utilize for a client’s lawn. The company speaks about how important it is to pay attention to details such as the sharpness of the mower blade and the height at which the blades of grass are trimmed.

They also boast that their weekly lawn mowing services are their most popular offerings. According to Heartland Turf & Landscape, the clients who opt to sign up for the weekly services will see that their lawns are cut in a more uniform way. On top of that, they also say that weekly lawn mowing will discourage thatch buildup that could have otherwise contributed to the lawn not receiving the nutrients it needs.

Heartland Turf & Landscape
5251 W 116th Pl #200
Leawood, KS 66211
Phone: (913) 238-9278


Lawn & Landscape Solutions

Unsurprisingly, landscaping is the specialty of Lawn & Landscape Solutions. They will work with their clients to help them create the yards they’ve always dreamed of and that means that the company will take into account every preference or request that is relayed to them.

Beyond building their client’s dream yard, Lawn & Landscape Solutions will also work to maintain that newly designed space in order to preserve its beauty. In order to do that, they will render all kinds of maintenance services, including weed control, snow removal, and yes, even mowing and trimming grass.

Lawn & Landscape Solutions
15680 S Keeler Terrace
Olathe, KS 66062
Phone: (913) 238-9318


Kansas Turf Masters

Kansas Turf Masters understands that lawn mowing is not the most glamorous type of work, but they also acknowledge that there is true value to be obtained from an expertly trimmed lawn. The company understands that in order for any home to look its best, the yard must be maintained perfectly, and that is what they are in the business of doing.

Kansas Turf Masters that they include a variety of services in every mowing session. Multidirectional mowing, string trimming, and blade edging are among the services they include in every session, and those practices should work to significantly improve the overall appearance of any yard.

Kansas Turf Masters
10104 W 70th St
Merriam, KS 66203
Phone: (913) 972-7770


Front Edge Lawn & Landscape

For Front Edge Lawn and Landscape, the work on a client’s yard begins even before the steel blade meets the blade of grass. During their first visit to a client’s place of residence, they will conduct an evaluation in order to determine what needs to be done.

The work also doesn’t end when the mower leaves the yard for Front Edge Lawn and Landscape. Following every mowing session, the company will provide their client with a progress report for their yard and they will continue to conduct investigations in order to make sure that the lawn will look its best.

Front Edge Lawn & Landscape
7939 Windsor Street
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Phone: (913) 963-6172


Custom Lawn & Landscape

Custom Lawn & Landscape brings decades of experience to each job they take on. This company has been working on yards in Johnson County for more than three decades, and within that time, they have grown familiar with how the blades of grass react to the weather during specific stretches of the year.

As their name suggests, Custom Lawn & Landscape also takes into account the specific needs of the lawn they are working on, and makes adjustments from there to achieve the best results. The company also employs grasscycling, and they say that the aforementioned practice is eco-friendly and better for lawns.

Custom Lawn & Landscape
15204 S Keeler St
Olathe, KS 66062
Phone: (913) 648-9404


Now You Are Ready To Buy Kansas City Lawn Care Services

Mowing your lawn is no easy task, and that’s something that anyone with a yard can attest to. It’s a challenge to keep the lawn in ideal condition, especially when the weather can have such a drastic impact on the grass.

The reality is that many homeowners are out of their depth when they are tasked with caring for their own lawns, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s hard work trying to figure out how to properly handle this task, and with many homeowners already holding down full-time jobs, taking care of the lawn may simply be something they have no time for.

The good news for those busy homeowners is that there are plenty of companies willing to work in their stead, and as can be seen in this article, the residents of Kansas City are in good hands when it comes to lawn care.

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