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A & E Tree serves residential and commercial customers in the Kansas City Metro area in need of tree removal or trimming services, stump removal, and a wide array of other services. Debris removal, land clearing, snow removal, line and wire clearance, structure clearance, and clearance of roads/walkways for pedestrians are a few examples of the additional services offered by A & E Tree, owned by Erik Enger with their Kansas City tree removal website: www.aetree.com

As the premier Kansas City tree trimming and stump removal service for Kansas City home and business owners, the company focuses heavily on quality of services, safety, and certified contractors who are highly skilled and capable of completing any projects to the customer’s satisfaction. A & E Tree understands the importance of trees to the visual appeal of every landscape, and also knows the potential dangers associated with dead or diseased trees, broken limbs, or those growing too close to any structure, whether a home, office building, or any other structure. While trees are a vital component of curb appeal, in certain situations they can put buildings and lives at risk.

Stump removal is another important focus of the company, as a stump or stumps disrupt the beauty of the landscape and can also be a potential hazard. Whether a customer needs the trees on a property trimmed or pruned, or an entire section of land cleared the Kansas City tree and stump removal can handle any project no matter how small or large. Trees are no doubt an asset for any property owner, however they must be properly maintained in order to contribute to the visual appeal of the landscape. Stumps are simply a nuisance, and difficult to remove for those who are not properly equipped. Most chemicals designed to remove stumps are simply not effective, and may take months or longer to produce results if they do work to some extent.

With A & E Tree, customers can rely on professionals who believe in completing the entire project, including clean up after trees are trimmed, pruned, or removed. In addition, an initial consultation ensures that the company and the client are on the same page, and that the work is completed to the client’s expectations. The skilled professionals who perform all work are equipped with the most modern equipment and gear, as safety is a top priority when removing trees, stumps, or trimming large limbs from trees. A & E Tree carries more than $2 million in general liability insurance along with worker’s compensation so that the customer never has to be concerned about liability.

Commercial and residential customers in the Kansas City Metro area can rely on A & E Tree for exceptional results, prompt completion of every project, and fair prices regardless of whether the customer’s project involves tree removal, stump removal, trimming, land clearing, or any of the other services provided by the company.  Visit A&E Tree on Facebook and follow this Kansas City tree contractor on Twitter.


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