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Kansas City’s leading custom home builder, B.L. Rieke Custom Home Builders (also known as B.L. Rieke & Associates, Inc.), was founded by Bruce L. Rieke and his wife, Toni Rieke, in 1989. Since its humble beginnings as a small, local K.C. business, it has flourished into an elite custom home building company that is recognized nationwide for its impressive résumé of more than 1,100 unique homes built, over 400 prestigious awards won, and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Bruce is a third generation Kansan, the son of a foundation contractor, and a Kansas City metro native. Since his youth, he has been involved first-hand in the workings of a family-run construction business, which gave him vital experience and knowledge of the industry. Toni, also a native Kansan, grew up farming, raising livestock, and running the family farm business. Both of Bruce and Toni’s hands-on backgrounds primed them for success as experienced, hardworking business owners.

Thanks to their combined hard work and expertise, their business has been building up momentum since its founding, developing respected skills and distinguishing designs along the way. Bruce and Toni began their career path by flipping fixer-uppers before moving on to building spec homes and eventually their own personal homes. By the 2000s, business was booming, which allowed B.L. Rieke to finally carve its own path in the custom home building industry. They took the Kansas City home building industry by storm by constructing top-quality homes that have since set the standard in home innovation, functionality, and quality. Today, the B.L. Rieke team is still breaking barriers in the housing market with each new custom home that they build.  In fact, the are Blogger Local’s top rated Kansas City custom home builder.

B.L. Rieke’s success as a Kansas City home builders is owed to its amazing team and their committed focus on communication, customer service, and details in their homes. Consistent, quality communication with the homeowners is how B.L. Rieke achieves the ultimate in home customization. Committed customer service before, during, and after a home’s building process is how B.L. Rieke retains its stellar reputation. Lastly, in every project, every detail is meticulously tailored to each homeowner’s daily routine and personal style to create a top-quality home that is highly functional and comfortable while retaining the stylish “wow” factor.

When a homeowner chooses B.L. Rieke as their Kansas City home builder, they have the choice to customize nearly every element of their home, from the floor plan to the interior design and everything in between. B.L. Rieke’s subcontractors and suppliers, which are some of the industry’s best, give homeowners the choice of the best products and services for their home. For design services, interior designer Toni Rieke helps homeowners shape the décor into something that’s stylish, practical, and entirely suited to the homeowners’ tastes. With her award-winning eye for design, Toni can elevate B.L. Rieke homes into the perfect living spaces for families of any size, lifestyle, and budget.

Since its humble beginnings, B.L. Rieke Custom Home Builders has strived to build homes that are exceptional in design, quality, and function. Likewise, its top-tier team of managers, designers, and superintendents all help make the building process as enjoyable and as efficient as possible by executing first-rate customer service and communication. This desire to build the best and be the best is what makes B.L. Rieke custom homes more than just houses—they are dream homes made reality.

Learn more about B.L. Rieke Custom Homes by visiting them on their Facebook page, viewing the B.L. Rieke Houzz page or their website: http://blrieke.com


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