Formed 35 years ago by then 19-year-old Larry Briggs, L.C. Briggs Turf Farm along with his son, Capen Briggs’ company, Briggs Traditional Turf Farm, brings the best of high quality Kansas City sod and grass seed to both residential and commercial customers. Offering custom blended 25 lb. bags of Nature’s Carpet Seed Blend for sale to the public along with fescue and bluegrass sod. The company provides the industry’s best products for discriminating customers who want beautiful, lush, green grass that is weed-free, heat tolerant, and disease/drought resistant.

Available for sale in all Kansas City metro area Home Depot, Westlake Hardware stores, and BC Hardscapes. The sod and grass seed produced by the company is top quality and will give homeowners a lawn that rivals the most pristine golf course. The staff at L.C. Briggs Turf Farm understands that customers want beautiful, thick grass that is free of weeds and will stand up to heat and drought conditions common throughout the Midwest. Whether homeowners are “do-it-yourselfers” who enjoy getting their hands dirty or one who would rather let the professionals handle the installation, Briggs Traditional Turf Farm offers a wide array of options including skilled installers.

Commercial customers realize how a perfectly manicured landscape adds to their professional appearance. The way a business is maintained, both inside and out, says much about how much it cares about the impression given to potential as well as existing clients. The staff at L.C. Briggs Turf Farm know the importance of making a good first impression, and how a well-maintained exterior can impact what a customer thinks or feels about a company he or she engages in business with. As the old saying goes “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” however, many people DO judge a business or homeowner by the appearance of the outside of a property. It’s just human nature.

The experts at L.C. Briggs Turf Farm know that not all grass is the same, and that a beautiful, high quality lawn or turf can only begin by using exceptional quality grass seed. The Briggs family has been dedicated to blending the highest quality grass seed for more than 100 years, and has achieved outstanding, quality, durable products through hard work and trial and error. In fact, commercial and residential customers in Kansas City and surrounding areas can be assured that the Natures Carpet Seed Blend contains zero weed seed and is 100% certified sod quality seed with zero other crop seed.

Customers who have a project that requires custom blended grass will be happy to know that L.C. Briggs has solutions for their needs as well. While our Nature’s Carpet Seed Blend is frequently used by landscape architects, the company is happy to introduce a specific type or blend of grass into production, a process known as contract growing. Managing commercial projects that are on a tight schedule is another of the company’s specialties, one that skilled staff take pride in.

Whether for a residential or commercial project, Kansas City-area homeowners and businesses can count on L.C. Briggs Turf Farm for more than green grass!