Overland Park Car Wash Makes a ‘Big Splash’ with KC Area Residents

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Around the Kansas City Metro area, there are plenty of car washes – but none compare to Big Splash Car Wash in terms of scope of services and attention to detail. Located in Overland Park at 8100 Metcalf Avenue, customers can enjoy budget-friendly exterior express wash options or have their vehicles detailed by professionals who are dedicated to exceptional results.

Formerly known as Splish Splash Auto Wash, the company changed hands in January of this year and proudly became Big Splash Car Wash. The new owners then invested a lot into the business to upgrade the car wash tunnel and perform significant infrastructure updates to the building, including a major upgrade to the building’s power service. Per new owner Jason Cunningham, “We tore out the existing equipment and upgraded everything, including the conveyor which is the heartbeat of any tunnel car wash operation.”

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The rebranding and change of ownership also involved a big design effort to develop everything from scratch including the logo, printed materials and site and building signage. Owner Claire Cunningham who led the Marketing and design effort for Big Splash says, “I enjoy the creative part of building a business like this so that was really a lot of fun.” Cunningham also reports, “The website was a big effort which has paid off already with customer-friendly contact forms and even an employment application all online.” Big Splash’s new website was designed by Kansas City Web Design and can be viewed here: Overland Park car wash.

Big Splash owners know that they need to be cleaning cars well and delivering value to their customers with every interaction in order to build the business, “We believe it’s important to do the Marketing, website and image things right, but above all, we have to be cleaning cars well to win repeat business, so that’s really my primary focus,” says Jason Cunningham.

Big Splash offers a wide range of services from the bargain $5 Splash ‘N Dash to the high-end $18 Tsunami Splash which includes a full-blown car wash experience with special clear coat protectants and online hot wax for a shine that lasts for a long time. With any exterior car wash, customers can choose to receive interior cleaning for an additional cost that includes vacuuming, mat and window cleaning, light cleaning and more. More in depth detail services are also available starting at $30 per service.

Big Splash has plans to expand to another location in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City later this year. Gift cards and unlimited wash memberships purchased at one site will automatically be honored at any additional locations. Customers who don’t have time to go into the facility to have their vehicles fully detailed can still enjoy great service, as a Big Splash offers a mobile car detailing service that can come to your home or office to clean your vehicle.

On top of all of the incredible services offered at Big Splash Car Wash, the company also strives to be a positive member of the community by providing fundraising opportunities for qualified non-profit organizations. Registered non-profit groups can sell the Big Splash gift cards for customers to enjoy auto cleaning and detailing at any of the company’s locations in the Kansas City/Overland Park metro area.

The folks at Big Splash Car Wash know that for many people, a sparkling clean car is as important as a clean house. Whether you wash your vehicle several times per week, once a week, every month, or once every few months, why not enjoy the best in quality products and services at the best price? Big Splash has certainly made a splash with area residents; try it for yourself today.


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