KulturedCustoms_#2For some people when they think of classic cars, they think of a time when US auto manufacturers were the pinnacle and envy of the world wide automobile industry.  For others, they reminisce about a car they once had or always wanted to have.  Classic cars will never go out of style but they can be challenge to find for some enthusiasts.  We recently found out about an independently owned shop that not only specializes in restoring classic cars to their original factory beauty but that also has a staff devoted to locating, negotiating and acquiring classic cars in various conditions for their customers.  At Kultured Customs just south of Olathe, customers not only have the option of having their car restored but they can also utilize the shop’s car brokerage services.  According to the Kansas City classic car restoration experts, “The average classic car buyer can spend over 46 hours researching, shopping, negotiating and still not find the car they are looking for.”.

“The average classic car buyer can spend over 46 hours researching, shopping, negotiating and still not find the car they are looking for.”.

KulturedCustoms_#3 The car brokerage service at Kultured Customs is a unique to the Kansas City area.  The shop utilizes their nationwide network of contacts to locate and assess the state of a desired car.  Once the Kultured team has located the specific model and reported back on it’s condition then they move onto negotiating it’s sale price for their client.  This is an extremely helpful service, since not all enthusiasts are familiar with the market value of a car due to the fact that there are so many variables contributing to it’ worth.  The last thing most people want to do after they’ve tracked down their dream car is have to haggle over a price.  After a price is set, Kultered Customs helps facilitate the final transaction and if need be the transportation of their clients vehicle to their shop to begin the restoration process.

When we stopped by the shop today, the Kansas City classic car restoration company unveiled to us one of their latest projects.  It was a jaw dropper to say the least!  If you’ve never seen a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air then you are truly missing out.  A car like this makes it easy to see why the cruising and car culture of the 1950’s was so popular and is still so today.  The car made it’s way into the shop from Topeka.  The original and current owner of the car entrusted Kultured Customs to restore their quintessential classic back to it’s factory condition.  The restoration shop didn’t let the owner down.  The interior fabrics, dash and accessories are as flawless as the outside of the car.  The only thing that bad boy was missing was some fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.  KulturedCustoms_#4

If you are searching for Kansas City classic car brokerage services, then look no further than Kultured Customs.

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