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CupcakeALaModeLogoCupcake A La Mode is the creation of Lisa Clark, Executive Pastry Chef, and her husband Daniel. Over the past few years, the cupcake movement has swept the nation and made this scrumptious dessert the dessert of choice for many, and Lisa and Daniel decided to build a cafe around that concept. Serving up some of Kansas City’s best cupcakes this bakery is anything but ordinary.

Cupcake A La Mode will serves primarily chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cupcakes (and the occasional signature flavor of the month). Their cupcakes are made with  REAL ingredients like buttermilk, sweet cream butter, madagascar bourbon vanilla and belgian dark chocolate. These very basic cake flavors will taste anything BUT basic! Their cakes are rich, velvety, buttery and very dense! Paired with their made-from-scratch butter-creams and delectable toppings such as gourmet cookies or candies made by award winning chocolatiers, these desserts will take you right up to heaven. To put it simply, its edible art, they will make you feel like a whole new person when you are finished, and wondering why you had not been there before.  They have a beautiful boutique style cafe, that will make you want to stay and eat your cupcake right there and there on a chic high chair, and its encouraged!

lisaWe caught up with Cupcake A La Mode’s founder & owner Lisa Clark and just had little chat, regarding her success, her life, and her passions. Like her cupcakes, she’s a delectable woman… and how could these desserts not be delicious, she’s so passionate about what she bakes like she would for her family.  Lisa and her husband recently took Cupcake A La Mode out to Roseville, California and like Kansas City, it is a HUGE success. So if you’re on vacation there you can get your fix, no worries!

Contrary to what you may think after tasting these delicacies, Lisa did not go to culinary school. She grew up in Long Island and has always loved real bakeries. So when she divulges in something amazing she loves trying to figure out how to make it herself and improve upon that original recipe.

“Baking is just something that’s always interested me. It inspires me, relaxes me and challenges me. I love it!” Lisa, owner

Lisa is a new vegan, which means new recipes and flavors! This is something I am definitely looking forward to.

Not only is this a fabulous place to eat with something for everyone, including Gluten Free cupcakes, but it is a place with a heart. They give back to the community any way they can. They donate a lot of time AND cupcakes! They donate thousands of cupcakes each year to various causes such as Treads and Threads, Diamond of Dreams, Art Bra, and work with at least one hundred other causes/fund raisers.

167254_489675945815_6495809_nOne of the most notable fundraisers I have gotten to hear about would be what Lisa and Cupcake A La Mode did for our soldiers. “Cupcakes for Soldiers” was an event which asked customers to donate to purchase a cupcake for a soldier.  The money was later used to ship boxes on boxes of “naked cupcakes and pastry bags of buttercream and toppings to a base in Afghanistan. The soldiers were able to make their own cupcakes! and they didn’t do it quietly, thats for sure! An emotional Lisa re-read some of the emails she received and let me tell you we were both tearing up. Pictures and letters from this event are available on the discussion page of their Facebook page if you would like to get emotional with us. “I CAN’T WAIT to do it again!” She says, and who wouldn’t? bringing such joy to those who need it most is a beautiful thing.

Starting next week, Cupcake A la Mode will be demonstrating its support for finding a cure during breast cancer awareness month with Pink buttercream ribbons piped onto their French Vanilla and Vanilla Creme de Cocoa cupcakes, so come get some for a limited time only!

For those of us who love the holidays, and their unique flavors, fear not my friends, delicious and unique holiday flavors will be arriving soon. These flavors will include Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Caramel Apple, Egg Nog, Candy Cane, and some surprise flavors, but we will have to go in and find out. Mondays and Wednesdays are the best day to do it too! Mondays are called “$2 Mondays” where each cupcake is just two dollars, and Wednesdays are Gluten Free! So no Kansas-Citian is left behind!

If you have yet to try these delicacies, now is the time. I will be there monday, Will you?

Keep it Local & Beautiful Kansas City.

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