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When it comes to making a marketing video in Kansas City, one thing is for sure: you need partner with the right video production company that has the right equipment and skills for producing a professional video.

Of course, you may opt to produce your marketing videos in-house.

However, the million dollar question is: can you create a professional DIY marketing video or should you hire a professional, local video production company?

Remember, producing an original and content rich video is key to engaging your audience and keeping them glued to your brand. Thus, hiring a professional video production company would benefit your brand in a big way.

Here are three simple tips to help you find the right production company for your next video marketing project.

1. Have a clear marketing strategy and you know exactly what videos you need

If you have your script and creative concept ready, you will only need to find the best Kansas City video production companies and hire the one you need to get everything rolling including location, casting, and post-production (music, FX and editing). However, location and casting may not be necessary if you are opting for animation or motion graphics.

Partner with a production company or agency that fits your style

Production value is quite important and should match your style. If you are looking for cinematic or live action scenes with specific locations, you are better off partnering with a video production company that is experienced in delivering high production value. On the other hand, if you are looking for a viral video, the kind that looks like a self-made video, then opt for a company that understands how to do relaxed, homemade-looking videos that are capable of capturing the audience’s attention.

What to avoid:

Avoid a production company that does not specialize in producing the kind of work you are looking for. For instance, if you want a comedy video, hire a production company that has comic directors. Otherwise, even the best ideas will fail.

2. Get involved with the video concepts and production

Most production companies will help with creative ideas. If you already have an idea on how you will integrate video into your marketing campaign and strategy, then you need ideas that will work with your strategy to boost your marketing efforts.

Find a video production company that can show you their wonderful ideas

Great and poor video ideas are subjective. A look at the production company’s past work should help you determine if they are the perfect match for you. Look at the comments or number of times the video has been shared online. These are telltale signs of a good video.

What to avoid:

Everyone believes they have wonderful ideas, and unless you are an expert at sorting out great ideas from bad ones, be sure you are working with the company that has the skills and expertise to visualize and create excellent work from your ideas. A good video marketing company should use their expertise in the marketing process to tell you the whether you ideas will work or not.

3. Video production & social media marketing

This is where you have to delve into the digital creative territory. Some video production companies are great at creation while others are great at developing ideas, but most are not experienced in the marketing aspect of things.

Find a video production company that is experienced in both production and social media marketing

Most marketing agencies tend to have relationships with video production companies. Some also work on video content in-house, making marketing goals and video production as streamlined as they possibly can.

What to avoid:

Avoid social media and PR agencies that only focus on posting on Twitter and Facebook but have no clue how the broader social media landscape works. Creating a successful campaign from scratch and managing a social media account are two very different things.

Kansas City Video Production: The Conclusion

Hiring a professional video production in Kansas City company to create videos for your marketing purposes can be a worthwhile investment.

However, it all begins with finding the right company.



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