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As the new year approaches many of us are trying new things, eating differently, dressing differently, heck some of us are even dying our hair, but the biggest change most people make are workout habits. So if this is something you are interested in either for the new year or just because you want to begin living a healthier lifestyle finding a Personal Trainer in Kansas City should not be a problem. The issue is staying motivated… its finding someone that challenges you enough yet understands you in a way that keeps you coming back every day.

IMG_0134I wouldn’t be able to say this if I didn’t try it out for myself, but Tony Galvan an instructor at TITLE Boxing Club who will challenge you every session and make it interesting enough that you will want to come back time and time again. He’s a private instructor both at TITLE Boxing Club & outside the club, and his workouts are far from easy. With a passion for maintaining peak levels of fitness not only on himself but his clients, Tony strives to change the way that you view health and fitness and turn it into a fun part of your day, a time you look forward to from the moment you wake in the morning. Most people see working out as a chore, as something they must do, and since they do not thoroughly enjoy it mostivation is quickly lost.

A lack of variety can truly turn a good workout into a dull session, thus a mixed routine and spicing things up every once in a while is an essential part of Tony’s training technique. I had the pleasure of going through one of his one on one sessions this week and let me tell you I could definitely feel it the next day. With the right combination of cardio and mitt time, he really pushed my body and mind, believe it or not theres some concentration needed here… Tony looks to keep people on their toes during his sessions.

“I love it. I wouldn’t’ want to do anything else with my time. I want to get the word out to people to eat healthy and create good habits.”     -Tony Galvan, personal trainer & boxing instructor at TITLE

As a corporate wellness and recreation major from Northwest Missouri State, he wanted to turn his passion into a real tool to bring health and wellness into other homes in Kansas City. He has been in the field for five years now and when he’s not training in or out of the ring, he’s creating programs for people that will help lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

For more information on Tony’s technique, workout routines, and to book him as your personal trainer you can contact him at (816) 508-9811 or visit his site at

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